Ainsley Davies

Ainsley Davies

Teaches: Hip Hop

Ainsley began at Dance Central in 2009, although she’s been dancing since she joined a performance troupe at a young age. Since joining the DC Crew in 2010, Ainsley has competed interstate and overseas, and has represented Australia at the World Hip Hop Championships twice. At DC, she has led the Junior Development Crew, Mercy, DCM, and VDC.

Who are your favourite dancers?

My favourite dancer would have to be Haley Fitzgerald. However, I could list people for days — Kyle Hanagami, Haeni Kim, Akanen, Larkin Poynton, Chris Martin, Kiel Tutin, Caetlyn Watson, Sorah Yang, Ysabelle Capitule, Rudi Smit and Taneikah Wescombe. I strongly encourage you to take yourself to Youtube right now and have a video-watching session.

What has dance taught you about yourself, about life? 

Dance has taught me how to be organised and responsible, especially regarding school work. It’s taught me how to stay focused and motivated. Most of all, dance has taught me to be myself! To be original and creative in the dance industry first requires that you’re happy with who you are.

What is the most challenging thing about dance to you?

When you’re training hard, dance can be physically and mentally exhausting. You not only have to remember hundreds of details about your intricate choreography, you also have to dance and perform with all your energy, strength, and enthusiasm. Overcoming tiredness and pushing yourself to keep going can be extremely challenging.

What is/was your favourite dance moment? 

My favourite moment happened back in 2011, when they announced that DC Crew made it through to the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas. I can remember it so clearly! We were all in utter disbelief, but overwhelmed with joy and excitement. We were just a crew of best friends from Canberra and we were taking on the world!

Why Dance Central?
Dance Central is special. The atmosphere of the studio is so warm and welcoming, everyone feels as if DC is their second home. I met my best friends at DC. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from amazing teachers, and to teach my own incredible students. Julie wants nothing more than to see her students grow, and I consider myself very lucky to be a part of her dream.