Chevelle Hibberd

Chevelle Hibberd

Role: Marketing

Chevelle started out in Singapore in the convention, exhibition, and event management industry, before branching out into marketing and public relations. In 2003, she moved to Canberra to further her studies, and has since worked in both private and non-profit sectors in Canberra, in the fields of online communications, project management, marketing, and graphic design.

Chevelle’s first trip to Australia was actually in 1996, when — together with her competitive choir — she represented Singapore in the World Choral Symposium and performed at the Sydney Town Hall and the Sydney Opera House. She also made a day trip to Canberra with her choir to perform at the Singapore High Commission for visiting dignitaries as part of their National Day celebrations; that day trip sowed the idea that some day, she would like to return and visit Canberra again. She now calls Canberra home.

Since joining the DC team part-time and seeing the action up close, Chevelle has only grown to love and admire Dance Central more, especially the palpable energy, drive, selflessness, and vision that undergirds everything they do.

Chevelle is also a communications manager at a higher education institution in Canberra. When she’s not in front of a screen for work, she kid-wrangles two young, fun-loving children and dreams about having uninterrupted time to sleep, read, or write while soaking in a hot tub.