Chloe Morrison

Chloe Morrison

Teaches: Hip Hop

Chloe started dancing in 2014 at DC and fell in love. The next year, she made it into VDC (Varsity Development) and quickly took to the crew lifestyle, getting accepted into DCV (varsity) the year after. As part of DCV, she placed 2nd in Australia and DCV were ACT champs all of 2016. Chloe’s hard work and passion has paid off — we’ve certainly sat up and noticed, and she is now one of Dance Central’s student teachers.

Have you ever been injured? If so, how has it affected you? 

I have been injured before. I tore a hamstring just weeks out from DCV auditions, which were at the end of 2015. At times I would have major doubts and thought that my chances were ruined at making it into the crew. I then changed my perspective and decided in the weeks following that I would focus solely on recovery. I ate well, slept well, did my physio exercises religiously and didn’t push myself in dancing, and I recovered a lot quicker than I would’ve if I spent my time worrying and trying to push my injury further.

What is/was your favourite dance moment? 

My favourite dance moment was at the WSB Nationals (a national hip hop competition) in 2016, when our placings were announced. It was the highest DCV and Mercy had ever placed in the competition and everyone was crying with joy. It was just such a special moment!

Which dance styles did you train in? 

I have tried my hand in most styles, like Hip Hop and all the styles within, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, tap, musical theatre, commercial jazz, etc. Some of those styles I’ve only danced for a few hours total, while others I compete nationally with.

Are you also an active sports person? What sports do you enjoy? 

I absolutely love sport! Before I started competing with DCV, I was a competitive football (soccer) player, but I gave it all up when I discovered dance because I love dance so much. I also play touch football, which is so fun.

What inspires you to keep on dancing? 

My crew and the feeling of performing. I love my crew so much and we are all very ambitious and work together to try and be the best we can be. I also love performing; it’s an incredible feeling that everyone should experience!