Ellie Beatman

Ellie Beatman

Teaches: Hip Hop

Ellie has been officially dancing since 2012, although she has been dancing for a whole lot longer; she started out on dance classes after advice from a friend and soon got hooked. Ellie starting with a beginner Hip Hop class at Kulture Break and staying there for a year before moving to Dance Central. She auditioned for the varsity crew and was accepted into the development crew the following year. She was then moved up into the varsity crew and remained in that crew for 2 years until she got accepted into the adult crew — Mercy — in 2016 and 2017.

Over the years, Ellie has also done Contemporary, Jazz, and Lyrical classes, although her dominant style is Hip Hop. She attributes the blossoming of her self esteem to dance, which in turn has enabled her to accomplish and succeed in things that she previously would never had thought she could do. She also credits Dance and being in Crew to improving her social and leadership skills.

Because of her outstanding work, Ellie is now one of Dance Central’s student teachers. To Ellie, Dance Central offers a fabulous combination of inspiration and professionalism, and feels like home.

“(Dance Central) is always pushing its students to be their best whilst still keeping a nurturing environment for dancers to grow in.” — Ellie Beatman