Elliot Holgate

Elliot Holgate

Teaches: Breakdance and Lil B Boys

Elliot started his dance career in Canberra with Kulture Break when he was 16. After learning the foundations and meeting other Bboys around the region, he began training solo and with friends, further developing his skills when a local group of Bboys took to mentoring him. The group began entering competitions domestically and after they had built up a name for themselves, they began travelling abroad to compete in larger competitions and against some of the best Bboys in the world — in countries such as Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Elliot dances Hip Hop, but his main love is Breakdancing, otherwise known as Breaking. Music is also a big part of what keeps things fresh for Elliot, and keeps the passion for dance going — new sounds, new instruments, music from different countries… they all inspire different movement and a different feel.

Dance has taught me self confidence and how to express myself in a healthy way. It has taught me to be creative and original. A famous Breaker once told me “Style and substance over moves in abundance”. I think that quote really rings true in life in general. Our ethics and morals are extremely important and should direct our actions. What we are made of (our substance) is build from our ethics so if we have sound ethics and morals it is easier to make better decisions in life. — Elliot Holgate

Last random fact: his favourite healthy meal is a Ubatuba Acai smoothie.