Emily Gageldonk

Emily Gageldonk

Teaches: Tap

Emily has been dancing for over 20 years. She got into dance mainly because her mother was “sick of her being a jellybean” who danced everywhere they went! When Emily’s mother finally started Emily on dance lessons, Emily insisted on going to “the class with the shoes”. Since then, Emily’s love affair with Tap has only grown stronger.

Emily to Sydney in 2013 to complete her Certificate 4 in Performing Arts at Urban Dance Centre. During the year, she appeared on Channel Seven’s Morning show multiple times, was apart of Justice Crew’s ‘Everybody’ film clip, and performed at multiple events such as the X Factor promotion at the AFL. One of her most memorable dance moments was when she achieved a 99.95% score on one of her tap exams.

After her year in Sydney, Emily moved back home to Canberra to teach — something she loves every minute of.

(One of my favourite dance moments) would be seeing students improve, and also when students do really well at Eisteddfod. I get so excited knowing I was part of that process, and to see the proof that hard work does pay off!

If she could tell her younger self anything, it would be not to dwell on what others thought of her — that she was definitely better than what she thought she was, and that it’s fine and perfectly normal to come across people who won’t like her.

the people that care are the ones worth keeping around. — Emily Gageldonk

When she’s not teaching or performing, Emily tries her hand at baseball — she joined a team at the end of 2016 to try something new, and now absolutely loves it because “it’s so different to dance, but it gets the blood pumping just as much!” Her current dance aspiration would be to perform at Tokyo Disneyland. She had auditioned once before and plans to audition again. Her second goal would be to either join a contemporary company or start her own tap company. But she wants to get through University first!