Georgie Smith

Georgie Smith

Teaches: Hip Hop, Crew

Like many of our teachers, Georgie has been dancing for as she can remember. As a little girl, she had always imagined herself on stage entertaining people, and teaming up with her sisters to put on performances around her house. Emily credits her family for being a huge reason for developing her love of dance, especially when her sisters started dance lessons themselves. When Emily was six, she started Jazz Funk classes. She has been dancing competitively with Dance Central’s Hip Hop Crews since 2013.

What has dance taught you about yourself, about life?
Dancing has taught me a lot about being confident in yourself yet remaining humble and just not letting judgement of others hold you back. As I’ve grown older it’s become harder to be comfortable in my own skin, yet dancing has really helped me be carefree to the negativity of others and just be me.

What are some of your personal dance goals?
An absolute goal of mine would be… dancing back up on tour for an artist like Beyonce, Rihanna, Justin Bieber etc! Doing what I love, whilst travelling and working for my idols, would be the dream! I’d also love to travel the world taking a range of classes at Urban Dance Camp, Movement Lifestyle, Millennium Dance Complex, Palace Dance Studios, Fly Dance Studio, and many more!

What inspires you to keep dancing?
I am always inspired by those around me. My teachers, dance idols, friends, and most importantly, my students. Young kids with such carefree mindsets are everything to keep me going! If they can fall on their butts and get back up over and over again, so can I. Their drive, passion and hard work will always consistently keep me inspired! Whenever I feel down on myself in dance or school or anything, I just remember how grateful I am for the studio I dance at and the family and friends I am surrounded by.

Do you have a favourite dancer, and if so, who?
I have a billion idols I look up to! Literally, every day I will watch dance videos of different dancers and I will find a new one to look up to. Choosing one as a favourite is hard! But I would have to say my absolute favourite dancer is Ysabelle Capitule. She is an 18 year old dancer from America who is phenomenal! Her movement and flavour when she performs radiates through the computer screen. So I can only imagine how amazing she is in person. She is constantly travelling, teaching and learning. Not only do I love how she dances, I love her attitude and style. She is an all-round positive person, who inspires me in more than one way! I would love to take classes from her soon.