Holly Hilder

Holly Hilder

Teaches: Ballet, Contemporary

Holly started dancing at Dance Central in 2012, picking up more classes every year until she joined the competition team in 2014. Since then, she has done multiple competitions in group sections, duo sections, and solo sections. In 2016, the competition team she was a part of was selected to perform at a prestigious charity gala event (Brainstorm for a Cure) in front of over 800 guests.

Holly credits Dance to teaching her about the value of hard work, and that the results she hopes for can be achieved when she throws herself into it a 100%. If she could pep talk her younger self, she would tell herself to be more confident and to just have fun — that she will eventually learn how to do that move, and that it’s the best sense of accomplishment when it happens. Her favourite dance moment was the first time she competed on stage.

I felt so free and like I could do anything. From that moment on I have loved dancing on stage in front of people.

Holly is one of our student teachers. She currently trains in Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, and Ballet, clocking in 16 hours a week.

I chose and love Dance Central because it’s a family and I have made some lifelong friends, as well as learnt things I never would have without DC. It’s practically my second home as I am here almost every day and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.