Jemma Nisbett

Jemma Nisbett

Teaches: Hip Hop, Crew

Jemma used to dance around the house to anything — music videos, any kind of song — so her parents eventually put her into a ballet class in a little dance school in Alice Springs when she was just 3 years old. (Jemma still remembers doing “We’re going on a bear hunt”, and being the little chubby one who had no idea what she was doing, but absolutely loved it!)

She hasn’t stopped dancing since.

Jemma has danced at many dance schools and over the years, she has added to her repertoire of dance styles: ballet, tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Broadway, and even cabaret. She travelled America for dance in 2013 and performed at Disneyland and Hollywood Boulevard.

Jemma came to Dance Central in 2015 and decided to make it home.

The vibe of this place is amazing, like the people are all so loving and welcoming and you just felt at home straight away and I still feel the same today! The support and love everyone has for each other is like no other!

Jemma has always loved Hip Hop and has been in DC’s Open Crew Mercy since 2015. She has always secretly wanted to be a back-up dancer for someone famous, but her current goal is to be the best dancer she can be with Dance Central, and keep learning and growing.