Kartyja Megic

Kartyja Megic

Teaches: Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz

Kartyja started dancing when she was just 3 years old, and she will never forget her first dance class and how exciting it was to put on her first pair of ballet shoes. Since then, she has trained in a wide range of styles, from the classics like ballet, to others like Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, and Hip Hop.

What has dance taught you about yourself, about life?

Dance has taught me how hard I can really push myself to achieve the goals I desire. It has taught me that passion is the key to leading a healthy life.

What’s your favourite healthy meal?

My favourite healthy meal would have to be a home made tuna salad with crunchy Asian noodles.

Have you ever been injured? If so, how has it affected you?

My whole life, I have experienced uncomfortable pain in my lower back. Once, right before a very big performance, my back was hurting so much I visited a physio only to find out I had two stress fractures in my lower back! This came as an extreme surprise and changed my entire dance life. I was told that rest was the only thing that would help, but this affected my day-to-day life a lot. However, it also really taught me just how strong my passion for dance was.

What is/was your favourite dance moment?

My favourite dance moment would have to be the last time I stepped on stage and performed with my team, the same group of girls who I have grown up with for years. I’ll never forget how content that made me feel.

Why Dance Central?

Dance Central has always seemed like an extremely versatile environment, where everyone is encouraged to work hard and pursue their dreams. Dance Central proved to be welcoming and vibrant. I knew it was a place that would support me and guide me through any obstacles I was to overcome. It is a team I really want to stay a part of.