Sarah Duffy

Sarah Duffy

Teaches: Jazz, Ballet

Sarah started in a toddler dance class when she was 3 years old at the Central Coast. When she moved to Canberra, she tried a few dance studios until she found Dance Central in 2007 and decided it was perfect for her.

She was part of our junior crew DKC from 2010-2012, and travelled to Las Vegas to compete at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships. From 2013-2015, Sarah was in the varsity crew, DCV, and enjoyed learning from various different choreographers including the Oneill Twins. In 2014, DC’s Eisteddfod program started, and Sarah was part of both Crew and Eisteddfod in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, she participated in the Eisteddfod program and also started competing as a soloist.

Sarah is also one of our student teachers.

What dance styles do you train in?

Being part of open troupe, I train in a wide range of technical styles, including Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, and Lyrical. I have also trained in Hip Hop when I was in Crew and when I get the opportunity to do a Hip Hop workshop or class I can’t resist.

What inspires you to keep on dancing?

I am constantly inspired by the hard work of the people I dance with. When I see them working towards their goals, it motivates me to try to achieve mine. The energy of our troupe all working together to achieve a common goal, to perform our routine to its best, keeps me going in the long hard sessions leading up to competition.

Favourite healthy meal

My favourite healthy snack is carrot sticks and celery with hommus. I love it because it is easy to eat quickly with my busy schedule and the hommus is a good source of protein.

Why Dance Central?

I can’t imagine my life without Dance Central! I always look forward to coming into DC, whether it is to teach or to be a student. The positive vibes and energy of the community at DC provide me with support and love. Dance Central is the school for me because it is all the things I look for in a dance school: great training, great facilities, and great people.