Zoe Becvarik

Teaches: Ballet

Zoe started learning Jazz at age nine.  She was part of DKC and part of the first Junior crew to qualify and attend the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas. At the age of 12, she decided she wanted to do ballet and was accepted into a vocational ballet program. Ballet is perhaps her favourite genre and Zoe credits ballet for her development as a much stronger and more disciplined dancer in every other genre. Aside from Jazz and Classical Ballet, she has also trained in Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Lyrical.

Zoe currently dances in Dance Central’s Open Eisteddfod troupe and continues to develop her skills in Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet and Contemporary.  She has been taught by some incredible teachers and choreographers such as Joseph Brown, Jason Winters, and Talia Fowler. She is also one of our student teachers.

Favourite healthy meal is…

 I love eggplant Lasagna! I also really like fish and pumpkin salad.  I am gluten-free and don’t eat much dairy, and some of the members of my family are grain-free so we’ve learned to love our veggies!

What inspires you to keep on dancing? 

I keep dancing because I love how it makes me feel.  I love performing on stage and the expressive aspects of dance.  I like being strong and healthy and using my body.

Are you also an active sports person?

Although I am not particularly skilled in ball sports, I love being active! I love trail running, in particular, with my parents.  I find it really fun and I always feel really good afterwards.