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COVID 19 Action Plan

Special Note

If you have contracted COVID-19, please let us know. We are concerned about your health and would want to know if you are unwell. We will also need to let our community know if they have been potentially exposed.

COVID Studio Policy

Updated May 2022

Any students feeling unwell must stay home and not attend class

  • Parents must email absences to on behalf of students under the age of 18 years.
  • Your teacher will be informed of the absence (via Dance Biz class roll) and reception team will facilitate make-up class.

In the event of COVID in your home

A household contact must contact Dance Central that they are, or have been, a household contact. Dance Central will determine if they are able to attend classes in DC.

If a household contact has, or develops, even the mildest COVID-19 symptoms, they are not permitted to enter Dance Central and must get tested. Even if they have a negative test result, they should not attend classes until they are symptom-free.

Household contacts aged 12 and over will also be required to wear a face mask in Dance Central premises. 

A household contact does not have to comply with this advice if they have not been in contact with the person who tested positive to COVID-19 while they were infectious (for example, they were away from home during the infectious period).

You will need a negative COVID-19 test result that you’ve received within 24-hours of resuming your normal classes at Dance Central.

Physical Reception Hours

Term 4: Normal hours

We ask families to minimise the need for face to face service as we have a limited number of people allowed in the building and staff will need to be inside to operate the business.

  • If you have questions, please email
  • If you would like to speak with a team member, call the office mobile: 0433 111 800
  • If you would like to pay an invoice, please pay via the link located on your invoice or call DC during reception hours to pay over the phone. Dance Central has absorbed the online payment surcharge to assist families with paying online without incurring extra fees.

DC spaces listed with maximum number of people allowed per designated area: Each area in the studio is labelled.

Front office/reception area 8 people
Waiting room 5 people
Kitchen 1 person
Upstairs hallway 4 people
Back office 2 people
Studio 1 37 students (after limit of 20 per room eases)
Studio 2 21 students (after limit of 20 per room eases)
Studio 3 16 students
Studio 4 15 students
Studio 5 33 students (after limit of 20 per room eases)
Studio 6 33 student (after limit of 20 per room eases)

Drop Off and Pick Up

Students arrive no more than 5 minutes before classes and leave within 5 minutes of class finishing. Students can’t wait at DC between classes and must be collected by guardians.

Dance Central will have labelled areas outside the studio window frontage from 1 to 6 representing each studio. This is where we ask students to wait for their teacher to collect them and take them into class.

Only students are to enter the building. All parents will need to drop and go or stay in their cars.

Classes will finish 5 minutes early to allow enough time for students to exit their classrooms and clear common areas before the next class can enter their studio. This is to minimise students crossing paths.

Teachers will promptly walk their class out of their studio to their holding area for their next class or pick-up area for parents to collect their child.

Teachers will collect their classes from the holding area to walk them in.


Students are to arrive to class in their dance attire and avoid changing at the studio if it can be helped.

Students must sanitise hands upon entry and exit of the studio. Sanitising stations are available at the entry of each studio and at the entry in reception.

Students are to keep all their belongings with them at all times. Students will be asked to place their belongings on the shelves in the studio so they do not create a trip hazard.

We ask students to minimise eating at DC if it can be helped. If students need to eat we ask they practise excellent hygiene.

We will minimise the use of extra equipment to minimise contact. However, Dance Central uses rinse free sanitiser (RFS) to spray all equipment and surfaces to ensure sanitation of is kept throughout the building.

Dance Central employs a professional cleaning company who are also certified COVID-19 deep cleaners.

Physical Distancing

Maintain 1.5m physical distance from each other, in and out of class. That means no hugging, high-fiving or other forms of physical contact within the studios.

Partner work will be permitted but will be minimalised.

Contact Details

Please ensure that all contact details are correct and up to date. We may need to contact you. If you are unsure if your details are up to date, or you would like to change your details

Dance Central & Blueberries

  • Head to our website, and click the ‘Log in or Register’ button on the homepage. This will take you to our customer portal, where you will need to enter your email and password. On the drop down bar on the left hand side of the page, select ‘My Account’, then ‘My Details’. Then simply make any necessary edits, and click ‘Save’ before exiting the form.

DC Fit

  • Mindbody App: Log in to your Mindbody app and go to your profile on the bottom right-hand corner. Click on the Avatar next to your name and select ‘Edit’. You can then make any necessary changes before clicking ‘Done’.
  • DC Website: Head to the DC Fit Timetable page. On the top right-hand corner of the timetable, select ‘My Account’. You can then make any necessary changes before clicking ‘Save’.


All customers; DC, DC Fit and Blueberries students must be booked into a class before arriving at Dance Central. It is more important now than ever that our rolls are correct and we know exactly who is in the studio and continue to manage the number of people in our premises

Zoom Classes

In the event a COVID-19 positive person attends Dance Central, all classes will be conducted through Zoom until the studio has undergone extensive COVID-19 deep cleaning.