General FAQs

General FAQs

Q: I’ve never danced before. Where do I start?

Well, that’s exciting — you’re going to love it!

First, have a look through our classes section and choose your age group. Then have a read over the different types of classes and their description styles and see which one interests you.

Check out our class timetable to find out which time and day of the week suits you. Our timetable gives an indication of the class level and difficulty. And as always, when in doubt, just give us a call and we’d be more than happy to help you out.

Q: How do I know what level I’m at?




Suitable for absolute beginners through to one year of experience.

Beg / Intermediate

Dancers from beginner level with a couple of years experience.


Skill level containing good technique, class moves fairly quick.

Intermediate / Advanced

Skill level containing strong technique, dancer has developed style. Advanced movements Class moves quickly.

Advanced / Professional

A level of acquiring a fundamental knowledge of technical dance.


Should possess a basic knowledge of selected class style. Teacher will always customise the class to varied student age and level.

New to Dance

Never Danced Before

Q: What’s the standard of Dance Central’s teachers?

A: Exceptional. All our teachers are fully qualified and experienced in their field with many qualifications and years dancing behind them. Julie Scheer, our Dance Central founder, carefully selects each team member to align with DC’s values. You can learn more about each individual team member here.

Q: What are the Dance Central studios like?

Dance Central provides state of the art dance facilities. Our light-filled, air-conditioned and ventilated studios are inviting spaces to dance and come with all the necessary professional support equipment to make your dance experience as enjoyable, comfortable, and safe as possible. Our studios are equipped with the same fully sprung dance floors that The Australian Ballet uses so you can dance to your heart’s content.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

At Dance Central, we are dedicated to our students getting as much out of the classes as possible. Having a clear objective at the start is really helpful and your teacher will talk with you about this.

We do understand that sometimes, things just don’t work according to plan. If you decide, after week 1, that the class is not for you, we will offer a full refund. If you decide after week 2 that you’d like to withdraw, we can offer you a refund minus the classes you have attended. We do not offer refunds after week 2.

Q: Do I need to be really fit to join a class?

While is certainly helps in dance if you’re fit, the short answer is ‘no’. We’re big believers on helping people where they’re at and we will support you and help you choose a class suitable to your dance and fitness level. Unless you are part of our professional program, all dance classes can be taken at your own pace and students are encouraged to build their fitness from week to week.

Q: Can I stay with my child when class is in session?

Apart from our Blueberries program for 4 to 6 year olds, no parents are permitted to stay with their child while they take class. We have found that parents and siblings can distract the other children in the class from participating and learning. There are, however, special circumstances with children who require special accommodation.

You will get a chance to witness your child’s progress at the end of each term, when family members are invited into the studio to watch a class in action. And then, of course, there’s our End Of Year Show where your child truly gets to shine in his or her dancing shoes!

Q: Do you offer private one-on-one and group dance classes?

A: Yes we do. Depending on your requirements and the availability of our teachers we can certainly discuss some options with you. Please contact us with further details here.

Q: Do you offer Dance Central Studios for event hire?

Yes we do. Our studios offer the perfect venue for birthdays and other special celebrations. We have kitchen facilities on site. Depending on your requirements and availability, we can certainly discuss some options with you. Learn more about functions and parties with Dance Central.