Chevelle Hibberd

ROLE: Marketing

I started out in Singapore in the MICE industry (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions), before branching out into marketing and public relations. In 2003, I moved to Canberra to further my studies, and have since worked in both private and non-profit sectors in Canberra in marketing communications and project management.

My first trip to Australia was actually in ’96 when, together with a competitive choir, I represented Singapore in the World Choral Symposium and performed at the Sydney Town Hall and the Sydney Opera House. I also made a day trip to perform in Canberra; that day trip sowed the idea that someday, I’d like to return and visit Canberra again. I now call Canberra home.

Since joining the DC team part-time and seeing the action up close, I’ve only grown to love and admire Dance Central more, especially the palpable energy, drive, selflessness, and vision that undergirds everything they do.

I’m also a communications manager at a higher education institution in Canberra and a freelance copywriter. When I’m not in front of a screen for work, I kid-wrangle two young, fun-loving children and dream about having uninterrupted time to sleep, read, or write while soaking in a hot tub.

Q&A with Chevelle

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Writing, and usually into the wee hours of the morning. As if I don’t do enough of that in my day job! 🙂

Who has been the biggest influence on your life?

My late mother. She was a single mum and we grew up very close. She remains the strongest, kindest woman I know.

Tell us about your personal fashion style.

I like to keep things simple and classic with a dash of something different — whether it’s an asymmetrical neckline, chunky accessories, or interesting cuts and fabric. I’m really bad at keeping up with what’s fashionable. I do tend to do the matchy-matchy.

What’s your favourite quote?

Usually whatever outrageous thing my children think to say this week!

But another one I like is: Strong people stand up for themselves. But stronger people stand up for others.

Where would you go on your dream holiday?

Honestly, this is the current dream: a week off on my own in some gorgeous mountainside resort with a killer view and fast internet where there’s easy access to a spa, room service, and all the time in the world to read, write, and sleep.