Gracie Mitchell

ROLE: Hip Hop Teacher

Dance Experience

I did ballet when I was younger. However I fell in love with Hip Hop since around 2016. I’ve taken many classes and have experience in being in a crew as a student.

Teaching Experience

I have been teaching since 2018. Classes and crew leading.

Q&A with Gracie

What got you into teaching?

I took many classes and have been in crew. My creativity went from there once I began student teaching and learning more about the dance industry.

What styles of dance do you teach?

I teach Hip Hop. My favourite style would be gangsta or girly!

What is your favourite group to teach?

I love younger kids! (I crew lead Reckless with Kaylee.)
I do enjoy teaching older ages. However, I do love to have fun with the kids

What is your style of teaching?

I love to have fun and be creative with movement. I like to focus on detail however I enjoy branching out in body movement. I like to work hard but never forget to have fun and love what you do.

What inspires you when it comes to choreographing?

Music! When choreographing, I love to put on my earphones and just listen to what the artist has created and how it makes me feel. The beats, the voice, the tone, etc. everything!

What do you love most about dance?

I love the way that dancers can express themselves through body movement. It’s amazing what is possible to do with someone’s creativity, whether it’s for an individual or for a group. I love to watch it all and admire other dancers from around the world. It’s a universally amazing art form!

What do you love most about teaching?

Seeing my students enjoy themselves! I love teaching and so what I love most is when I see someone else having just as fun as I do. Making friends, connections and similarities all for something we both love to do. It’s all fun

What are your top tips for students to get the most out of class?

I would say to pay attention to what the teacher says not only about the choreography but also the feel of the music. It’s all about finding what your body loves. Your style and what you enjoy most. Growing as a person and as a dancer just have fun too!!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I am a big fan of the tv show Law and Order SVU! I love to sit down with my mum and binge-watch the show while we eat microwave triple butter explosion popcorn! Haha.

Who has been the biggest influence on your life?

My parents for sure! I am so grateful for all they do and I aspire to be just as loving and motivated as they are. I just want to make them proud and happy.

Tell us about your personal fashion style.

I have a mixed fashion style! I love to dress up in fancy clothes and makeup but I love just throwing on a hoodie and sweats and going on a Maccas run! For dance, I’ll wear baggy clothing

What’s your favourite quote?

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed” – Mahatma Gandhi

Where would you go on your dream holiday?

Anywhere tropical! Beaches and sun and discovering and going on fun adventures.