Free Adult Classes All Week!

Never too old for new beginnings





Age intake for Adult Classes: 15 years and over.

Age intake for New to Dance Classes: 18 years and over.

Term Dates 2018:

  • Term 1:  Mon 5 Feb – Fri 13 April
  • Term 2:  Mon 30 April – Fri 6 July
  • Term 3:  Mon 23 July – Fri 28 Sept
  • Term 4:  Mon 15 Oct – Fri 21 Dec


Monday6:00pmHip Hop (Beginner)18+1 hour
6:30pm ContemporaryNew 2 Dance 18+1 hour
7:00pmHip Hop (Intermediate)18+1 hour
7:30pmContemporary (Beg/Intermediate)15+1 hour
Tuesday6:45amBarre Body (Beg/Intermediate)15+1 hour
6:45pmHip Hop (Inter/Advanced)15+1 hour
7:45pmHip Hop (Advanced)15+1.5 hour
Wednesday5:45pmFunk TapNew 2 Dance 18+1 hour
6:00pmLyrical (Open)15+1 hour
 6:30pmFunk Tap (Beg/Intermediate)15+1 hour
7:00pmKicks, Leaps & Turns (Inter/Advanced)15+1 hour
7:15pmFunk Tap Adult
15+1 hour
8:00pmJazz Funk Adult (Advanced)15+1 hour
Thursday5:45pmBallet (Beg/Intermediate)15+1 hour
5:45pmBallet (Grade 4)15+1 hour
6:45pmJazz FunkNew 2 Dance 18+1 hour
7:45pmContemporary (Advanced)15+1 hour
Friday6:45amBarre Body
15+1 hour
6:30pmContemporary (Advanced/Pro)15+1 hour
(Open level)
15+1 hour
9:45amBarre Body (Open level)15+1 hour