Age intake for Adult Classes: 15 years and over.

Age intake for New to Dance Classes: 18 years and over.

Please note:

  • The asterisk(*) denotes classes that permit casual attendance (pay as you go); all other classes require term enrollment.
  • If you are attending a Barre Body classes (Tues or Fri mornings only) as a casual pay-as-you-go attendant, please ensure that you register and pay online no later than 7pm the night before your class. Our office is closed during this time and access will only be permitted to registered students.
Term Dates 2018:
  • Term 1:  Mon 5 Feb – Sat 14 April
  • Term 2:  Mon 30 April – Sat 7 July
  • Term 3:  Mon 23 July – Sat 29 Sept
  • Term 4:  Mon 15 Oct – Sat 22 Dec


Monday6:45amBounce1 hour
6:00pmHip Hop (Beginner)1 hour
6:30pm Barre Body1 hour
6:30pm Contemporary (N2D)1 hour
7:00pmHip Hop (Intermediate)1 hour
7:30pmContemporary (Beg/Intermediate)1 hour
Tuesday6:45amBarre Body1 hour
6:45amBounce1 hour
6:45pmBounce1 hour
6:45pmHip Hop (Inter/Advanced)1 hour
Wednesday5:45pmFunk Tap1 hour
 6:30pmFunk Tap (Beg/Intermediate)1 hour
6:45pmBounce1 hour
7:15pmFunk Tap Adult
1 hour
Thursday6:45amBounce1 hour
5:45pmBallet (Beg/Intermediate)1 hour
6:45pmHip Hop-ercise1 hour
6:45pmJazz Funk (N2D)1 hour
7:30pmHeels Class1 hour
Friday6:45amBarre Body1 hour
Saturday8:00amBounce1 hour
9:00amLimbering1 hour
9:45amBarre Body1 hour