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About DC Fit



DC Fit fitness classes offer a unique selection of training styles that focus on toning, cardio, strength and form. All classes incorporate music specific to the workout and focus on the development of adult fitness across all ages and abilities. 

Hear from founder and director Julie Scheer, and learn what made her start the DC Fit program.

How did DC Fit come about?

We created DC Fit because we want to inspire more people to be active and live their best life. We have seen the benefits of what dance studio classes do at Dance Central; the growth in confidence and connection with like-minded community members empower people internally by creating more self-acceptance and esteem, and externally by seeing our clients feel more comfortable with challenging themselves outside of their comfort zones. We have had a successful following for 12 years and we wanted to do something really special for our adult clientele by providing them with a program specially designed for them. The demand for Dance fitness and building the tone of a dancer’s physique has been a steadily growing trend with workouts. We first started our venture into dance fitness 8 years ago with the launch of Barre Body classes in Canberra and DC Fit is an extension of what we already do incorporating more fun into working out! Launching Bounce, Hip Hop-ercise, Ass Class and Heels Class is just the beginning!


What is the problem you are trying to solve with DC Fit?

We are bringing the FUN back into working out and we want to see our members kick goals and feel supported along the way. We have a holistic approach to fitness and we’ll be starting our connection with each member by finding out what makes them tick and what their goals are so we can support them on their journey. DC Fit is an awesome community that brings people together and creates life friendships.


What separates DC Fit from other forms of fitness in Canberra?

DC Fit is first and foremost a fun, vibrant, high-energy, welcoming environment. DC Fit takes a holistic approach to fitness training. It all starts with our questionnaire so we can get to the heart of our member’s goals. We strongly value our commitment to building a supportive community and this was the reason we brought on two very special ambassadors, Amy Sang and Thea Kabadanis, to guide and support our community with their goals.


What are the benefits of taking classes regularly?

Everyone has their own special reason or goal for being active. Some of our clients attend for their mental wellbeing, for weight loss, for fun, to learn a new skill, and to make great friends along the way. Fitness isn’t a fleeting frenzy — it’s a journey, one that should be built and supported for the long haul. Quite simply, the more you attend, the better we can walk with you in your journey and help you kick those goals.

Our ambassadors, Amy Sang and Thea Kabadanis, are here to provide you with that very support to stay motivated and driven to reach your stars. And ultimately, we’re here to help you belong to a supportive community. We’ll be holding 2 workshops each season (8 workshops a year) to provide opportunities for our members in personal development, including nutrition, weight-loss,self-care, self-love, and wellbeing.


What is DC Fit’s vision statement?

We want to inspire and motivate our community to live their best active life. Our ambassadors, Amy Sang and Thea Kabadanis, will be driving the inspiration, motivation and community connection. Doing anything alone is always going to be harder; doing it with a great group of people is fun and creates an unstoppable energy and force. We want to kick goals together!