Adult Classes


Dance Central offers classes suitable to Young and Mature adults across a variety of levels and styles. Class levelling and types are as follows:

  • New 2 Dance – These classes are designed specifically for 18 years through to mature aged adults, accommodating individuals who have never danced before. These classes offer an encouraging and paced environment, allowing students to gain new skills in rhythm, coordination, general fitness and fun.
  • Beginner – These classes are designed for adults who feel ready to step outside of our New 2 Dance classes.
  • Beginner/Intermediate – These classes offer more challenging choreographed routines but maintain the integral support of developing dance skills in a supportive and fun environment.

Most of our adult classes offer a casual, 10 class pass or term enrollment. These classes are noted on our timetable with an asterisk(*).


Adult Ballet

Want to plié and pirouette and learn the form of a ballet dancer? This fun and challenging class will teach you just that, along with the basics of ballet from arm & feet positions to coveted ballet moves so you learn to plié, tendu, battement, ronds de jambe, arabesque, pirouette and sauté.

Classes focus on technique in an enjoyable way. Each week we build on the previous week to teach you the basics of classical ballet, while combining strength, conditioning, form, flexibility, coordination and rhythm.

Recommended: Ballet shoes (Jazz shoes accepted)
New to Dance: Bare feet


Barre Body

Combine Ballet Barre work with Yoga and Pilates conditioning to tone your whole body (think long and lean like a ballet dancer!), while developing balance, strength and flexibility.

This class is designed to be a fitness and toning workout to help you reach your goals so you can be in the body you want to be! This class is suitable for beginners through to experienced.

Recommended: Ballet shoes
New to Dance: Bare feet


Broadway Jazz

This class has a strong technique-based warm up and concentrates on the choreographic styles of Bob Fosse & other great choreographers of Broadway musicals such as Chicago, Chorus Line, West Side Story as well as modern musicals like Hair Spray.

Recommended: Jazz shoes (Ballet shoes accepted)
New to Dance: Bare feet



Contemporary dance is based on classical foundations with an edgy and earthy vibe. This class combines strong centre and precision leg work with an ease and fluidity in the torso. A great class to gain technique, strength and flexibility.

Recommended: Foot thong or Jazz shoes (Ballet shoes accepted)
New to Dance: Bare feet


Funk Tap

A technical tap class with a seriously modern edge of funky percussive beats and rhythms. If you love Happy Feet, Tap Dogs, Hot Shoe Shuffle, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly you will love this class!

Recommended: Tap shoes (Note: End of Year Show requires tan colour for females and black for males.)
Trial with: court shoes or boots (smooth sole, non-grip)


Hip Hop

Straight from the Bronx of New York this ever evolving style is one of our most popular classes. A soulful expression of movement including dance hall, krump, popping, locking, waacking, voguing and tutting movements as well as urban choreography. Used by artists such as Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Missy Elliott. Hip Hop is all about developing your own style!

Recommended for all: Sneakers (not runners, non-grip)


Jazz Funk

A technique based class, core focus on balance, turns, jumps and isolations with high energy routines of the latest commercial style of jazz funk each week. A great class to develop your style and technique.

Recommended: Jazz shoes (Ballet shoes accepted)
New to Dance: Bare feet


Kicks, Leaps & Turns

A class concentrated on building and perfecting your jazz technique through balance, turns, leaps and compositions. This class is perfect for anyone at any level wanting to progress as a technical dancer.

Recommended: Jazz shoes (Ballet shoes accepted)
New to Dance: Bare feet



This class is designed especially for dancers who desire maximum core strength and flexibility. With current advances in limbering and stretch techniques this class is a must for all dancers. Limbering is a fantastic option for non-dancers wanting to achieve optimum flexibility for great body and muscle maintenance. and recovery, reducing the risk of injuries and muscular pains.

Recommended for all: Bare feet



Smooth and expressive, this class is based on a combination of Jazz and contemporary technique and creative movement executed to R’n’B music. Lyrical is an excellent way to build on technique and to gain strength, flexibility and Musicality.

Recommended: Foot thong or Jazz shoes (Ballet shoes accepted)
New to Dance: Bare feet