FAQ for Ballet Classes

Frequently Asked Questions about Ballet Classes

About the Uniform

My child already has a ballet leotard. Can they just wear that?

Dance Central is a uniform-free school for all other dance styles except Ballet.

In accordance with the structure and discipline we require from our ballet students, we require all students to wear the same coloured leotard for their grade. To minimise cost, most colours are crossed over 2 grades which is normally over a 2-year period. View our uniform guide.

About classes and grading

My child has come from another school where RAD ballet wasn’t studied. How will I know what grade she should be in?

We understand other dance schools may study different syllabi and so we gather as much information from the student and their parent about their dance experience. The child’s first class will act as a leveling class so the teacher can make the best decision on which grade is best suited for them.

Why was my daughter moved to a different ballet class after the first lesson?

The first lesson will always act as a leveling class. Even though we do take information from parents and students about their previous ballet experience, we still need to see their true ability and skill set. Sometimes after this leveling class the teacher can see that the child may need to be moved into the grade above or below. New students will be enrolled into their grade once they have been levelled.

Is there a beginner class for teens?

Thanks to popular demand and feedback, we have opened a teen beginner ballet class. This is a great opportunity for those who want to start ballet later and will be surrounded by students of similar age and ability.

Can my child just attend pointe class?

Students may only attend a pointe class once they demonstrate consistent skill and strength that is required for pointe. They are then invited by their teacher to start the process of transitioning onto pointe.

Can my child just attend the End Of Year (EOY) performance class?

We allow for any ballet students from Grade 2 and above to enrol into our EOY performance class. This class is strictly available to any student who is already attending a weekly ballet class with us.

Why does my child have to do strength and conditioning if they do pointe?

Pointe places a lot of strain and pressure on the body and requires continuous specialised strength exercises alongside it.

At Dance Central, we have this policy in place to ensure all students who are attending pointe are working safely and minimising the risk of injury. We place a great deal of importance on the longevity of the dancers and their bodies.

About presentations, class awards, and exams

Why do Pre-primary, Primary, and Grade 1 students only receive ballet reports in Term 4?

Ballet reports will only be handed out in term 4 for the lower grades as we believe this will have the greatest impact and benefit.

This will allow parents the opportunity to sit down with their child and go through the feedback provided by their ballet teacher to discuss their strengths and areas of improvement. The end of term report also provides guidance on what grade the student should enrol into for the following year.

What is the difference between class award and exam?

The class award is a supported form of the exam where the students are allowed to conduct their syllabus work with the presence of their teacher in the room. This is to allow support and assistance when needed and may reduce anxiety associated with exams. The class award allows up to 8 students in the room instead of the 4 at exam, and students are allowed to present their work. In the class award, the dances are performed in partners compared to solo in the exam.

Both the class award and exam students will receive a mark and certificate from the RAD and will be allowed to move up the following year.

Are the presentations for Pre-primary, Primary and Grade 1 mandatory?

The Term 4 presentations are not mandatory; however, we do like as many students as possible to participate. It is a beautiful way for our students to build confidence in presenting their work and preparing them for the class award and exam in the coming years.

It not only gives students something to work towards but also allows the opportunity for students to be given personal feedback and advice on what grade to enrol into the following year.

It’s also a lovely opportunity for parents to come in and watch.

What happens if my child wants to do the exam but can’t attend the July intensive and/or weekend workshops?

If your child wants to be part of the exam, they must commit to these dates in advance. If they can’t, but have been attending every other class, then the Class Award may be given as an option.

If illness or an unavoidable situation occurs resulting in a student missing one or more of these sessions, then Sandra Griffin and the student’s ballet teacher will make a decision based on how the student is tracking in their lessons.