Blueberries Price List

Price List for Blueberries Classes

  • 10 week term cost: $210
  • Sibling 10% discount: $189
  • Annual Accident Cover levy: $22
  • We attended a makeup yesterday with Miss Mabel and I thought she was fantastic. I really loved the way she went around the room at the start of the class and said hi to all the children and confirmed their names — it was great that she encouraged them to wave or say hi back (but it was no big deal if they didn’t).

    As she handed out the ribbon sticks she also encouraged a thank you from the children as they took them.

    As the Mum of a very shy little one, I really appreciated her efforts in providing encouragement and a safe environment to practice interacting and their manners. So as much as the movement, dance and music are fantastic, it’s these little opportunities within the class to learn and practice social interaction and etiquette that I also really love. Thank you! ~ Sarah