Graduation Program

About the Blueberries Graduation Program

The Blueberries Graduation Program is a bridging course to aid the transition between the parent-toddler program and our standalone dance classes.

Joining these classes is a big step for a Blueberry as this will be the first time they’ll have all the fun of dancing in our studio — without their parent.

Each Junior class focuses on one specific style: Hip Hop, Jazz, or Ballet. It can take some adjustment, but we find that once Blueberries hit a certain age, they thrive in this more self-directed environment and we see their confidence soar.

To make the transition as easy and possible, and to help your Blueberry find a style that resonates with them, that’s where the Blueberries Graduation program comes in! We offer three complimentary classes for you to try any our dance styles… or even all three! These complimentary classes are designed for 4 to 6 year-olds, so it’ll give your Blueberry a good taste of what to expect.

If your Blueberry is almost 4 or already 4, we will contact you directly to invite you to the program towards the end of the term. From there, we’ll book you into your obligation-free and complimentary classes over the following three weeks. You can participate in your usual Blueberries class as well as these new afternoon classes.

If it’s not for you, no worries! Your Blueberry’s place is safe and will roll over to the next term like normal.

If the Junior classes are exactly what your child needs, excellent! Just let us know and they will be saved a place in the next term!

In the last week of term, Blueberries who have decided to move up to Junior classes will receive a Graduation certificate so you can both remember this major transition.