Hip Hop Crews

Hip Hop Crews

Be part of something bigger.

Crew is an intensive Hip Hop training program to cater for students in Canberra wanting to perform and push themselves to achieve greater things. Ideal for dancers with anywhere from no experience to lots, with a natural passion for dance and movement.


Dance Central hosted 80 crew students in the Crew program in 2020. Crew is open to students around 8 years and older, and we welcome all genders. The Crews are created to best mimic the structure of Hip Hop competitions. We offer both Development and Competitive streams, to allow our beginner students the chance to join a crew without the pressure of competition. The age groups and matching Crews are as follows:

Junior (under 12yrs)

  • Reckless (Development)
  • Ruthless (Development/Competitive)
  • DKC (Competitive)

Young Guns (12-15yrs)

  • Creed (Competitive)

Varsity (12-18yrs)

  • Mayhem (Development/Competitive)
  • Envy (Competitive)

Open (15yrs+)

  • Legacy (Competitive; Mega-Crew)



Crew offers dancers the opportunity to do more weekly classes at a discounted price.

Example weekly Crew schedule

Around 8 hours a week, including:

  • Fitness
  • Foundations (popping, isolations, technique)
  • Crew training (learning a competition routine in your crew)
  • Hip Hop
  • Technical styles of your choice (Jazz, Contemporary, Acrobatics etc.)


The focus of Crew is finding your unique strengths and pushing past your weaknesses. Members of our Crews become more organised and self-reliant. They learn how to balance dance, school, work, family, friends, and health. What you give in a commitment to your team you get back in a well-rounded dance experience and life-long tight-knit friendships

Being in a Crew at Dance Central expands dancers’ professional opportunities. Year-round exposure to networking opportunities, personal challenges and world-class experience make our dancers some of Australia’s best. 


The focus of the program is on bringing up students’ standard with the goal of attending various competitions, performances, and video projects throughout the year. Dance Central has a strong competitive edge and has continually placed first in the ACT competitions Battlegrounds, Hip Hop International and Australian Dance Crew Championships, making ours the number one dance crews in the ACT.


Because of the intensive and specialised nature of the program, we offer a dedicated point of contact for all questions about the program, requirements, and concerns. The Crew Coordinator is Ainsley Davies who can be contacted during business hours at crew@dance-central.com.au.


Successful applicants are selected based on auditions held at the end of each year. If you’d like to join at another time, please contact the coordinator to discuss your options.