Timetable for Elite Classes

TIMETABLE for Elite Classes

All classes are 1 hr long, unless otherwise stated. Please note that we are closed on Public Holidays. See our Key Dates calendar.

Please note: for class availability and further information, please call our office on 6282 7609.

Term dates for 2020:

  • Term 1 – Monday 3 February – Thursday 8 April
  • Term 2 – Monday 27 April– Saturday 4 July
  • Term 3 – Monday 20 July – Saturday 26 September
  • Term 4 – Monday 12 October – Saturday 19 December


Monday4:00pmPopping & IsolationsSenior Crew only1 hr
5:00pmFitnessCrew only1 hr
5:00pmTroupe TrainingOpen Troupe2 hrs
5:00pmTroupe Training14 and Under Troupe2 hrs
6:00pmCrew TrainingCreed2 hrs
6:00pmCrew TrainingEnvy2 hrs
Tuesday4:00pmTroupe Training12 and Under Troupe1.5 hrs
5:30pmContemporary SkillsOpen Troupe1 hr
5:30pmContemporary Skills14 and Under Troupe1 hr
5:45pmCrew TrainingEnvy2 hrs
5:45pmKicks, Leaps & Turns12 and Under Troupe1 hr
6:45pmPopping & IsolationsJunior Crew only (Ruthless & DKC)1 hr
6:45pmStrength & ConditioningTroupe only1 hr
Wednesday4:00pmTroupe Training10 and Under Troupe1.5 hrs
4:00pmTroupe Training12 and Under Troupe1.5 hrs
4:45pmKicks, Leaps & Turns14 and Under Troupe1 hr
5:30pmContemporary Skills 10 and Under Troupe45 min
5:45pmCrew TrainingMayhem2 hrs
5:45pmContemporary Skills12 and Under Troupe1 hr
6:00pmCrew TrainingCreed2 hrs
6:30pmKicks, Leaps & TurnsOpen Troupe 1 hr

4:45pmTroupe Training14 and Under Troupe2 hours
4:45pmTroupe TrainingOpen Troupe 2 hours
4:45pmCrew TrainingDKC2 hours
Friday5:00pmCrew TrainingReckless1.5 hours
5:00pmCrew TrainingRuthless1.5 hours