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About our Auditions

Excited about our Elite Program? We invite you to audition with us. Our auditions are held in November or December annually.

Whether you’re already a student with us or are trying out at Dance Central for the very first time, all dancers must earn their place in our Elite program through an audition.



Why we hold auditions

Life is filled with ‘performative’ moments — whether it’s dancing on stage, going for a job interview, or sitting for an exam.

At Dance Central, we believe in putting the power in all dancers’ hands and providing them with an opportunity to put their hand up and say I want to do this! Taking this brave step is the first of many professional training moments we take with our Elite dancers.

The professional format prepares our students for the real industry by building their experience and confidence. Imagine auditioning with the likes of Janet Jackson and Beyoncé in the room! The audition is a step up from standard classes which sets the tone for taking your dancing to the next level in the Elite program, where students perform to large crowds and compete with the best.

Our dancers who have moved on to professional dance careers always thank us for the experience because they feel so much more comfortable and at ease with the process and the nerves, especially once the stakes are even higher!

The registration process

Prospective students should complete the ‘Expression of Interest Form’ below. They will then receive a complete information pack when auditions are near. Families should carefully consider each Elite group, including style, acceptable age and ability levels, schedules and financial commitments.

We’ll notify you once audition registrations officially open. During the registration process, you will be asked to identify the group or groups you would like to audition for. You may select more than one and will be offered a place in the one that best suits you.

We also hold auditions for soloists, duos and trios who would like to register to compete in additional categories.

What happens at the audition

On the day of auditions, new members should arrive 30 minutes prior. Existing members must arrive at least 15 minutes prior. All performers will be given numbers to attach to their clothing.

A judging panel will teach one or more sets of choreography to be memorised and performed back in small groups. The panel will look for:

  • attentiveness
  • how well you pick up the intricate details of the choreography
  • technical skills
  • natural flow and comfort
  • power and control
  • whether you project confidence and character

Soloists, duos and trios must audition alone or in their groups. Each act is required to perform a freestyle or choreographed dance to a song for 30-60 seconds to show your ability.

You will be notified of your audition results by email within one week. If you are unsuccessful in obtaining a position, we will offer constructive feedback and advice on areas to improve. Every year we see students take this feedback on board, work hard, and then come back to the next auditions even stronger!



Annie Napier, VDC 2017-18

For the past four years, DC has been a second home to me. The environment is incredibly caring and you know that you can push yourself without any judgement or insecurity. Getting to go to dance, whether it’s one class or six, has been the highlight of every week because I know I will be surrounded by people who love to dance just as much as I do.

I was very lucky to be a part of an elite crew for the last two years and for anyone who is thinking of auditioning for crew I would highly recommend it. My crew, and incredibly supportive crew leaders, became like family and getting to grow and improve with them was such an amazing experience. From every comp to class, I am so grateful to have been a member of the DC family and leaving next year is going to be very hard.

Thank you so much to Julie and all the DC family for all of the opportunities I’ve had and I can’t wait to see how DC evolves and succeeds in the future.