Payment Terms and Policies

Payment Terms and Policy

Obligation-free First Lesson

We offer all students an obligation-free class (applicable to the first class only). This will entitle all students who have participated in one lesson a complete refund of term fees. Should a student wish not to continue after their second lesson, we offer a complete term refund less the initial 2 classes. Any refund requests after this period are not eligible for reimbursement.

Standard Class Prices 2023

  • Accident cover: $17
  • Blueberries classes: $175 each term
  • Standard Junior to Teen classes (45min and 1hr classes): $210 each term
  • Acrobatics classes (1 hour): $230 each term
  • Acrobatics classes (1 hour 15 minutes: 2 teachers and equipment levy): $280 each term
  • Ballet 1 hour and 30-minutes $280
  • Ballet Pointe Class 30-minutes $105
  • Ballet Pointe Class 45-minutes $158
  • Ballet Pointe 1hr $210
  • Ballet Conditioning 30-minutes $105
  • DC Fit prices

Elite Program Package Prices 2023


  • Junior (U10) $1076
  • Intermediates (U12) $1313
  • Seniors (U16) $1470
  • Junior Development $813
  • Senior Development $892


  • Reckless $759
  • Ruthless $759
  • Mayhem $863
  • DKC $1104
  • Creed $1251
  • Envy $1251
  • Open Crew $526 (or $400 if this is your second crew)
  • Legacy Crew $526 (or $400 if this is your second crew)

There is also a 10% discount for multiple classes within a family.

Multiple Class Discounts

Book more than one class and receive

  • 10% discount for multiple classes within a family
  • Unlimited membership (10 weeks): $765
  • DC Fit memberships

All Term Classes:

  • Require an additional: $10 accident cover insurance (payable every 12 months)
  • Are to be pre-paid one term in advance. Please see our refund policy below detailing our trial lessons and conditions of payment.


Payment Options

  • Credit Card (Pay Online) – Upon registration, you will receive an invoice with a link to pay online via our secure payment gateway, Ezydebit. Please note all Ezydebit payments incur a 1.5% surcharge.
  • Credit Card (Over the Phone) – You may your account over the phone. Please call our office directly to do so. No surcharge applies.
  • Via our Front Desk – Cash, Eftpos and Credit Card Payments can be made at the front desk at 13-15 Altree Court, Phillip.


Costumes, Eisteddfods and Competitions

We are a uniform-free school. Costumes required for special performances may be required throughout the year depending on the class.

Throughout the year students may be invited to take part in performances or competitions. Fees associated will be communicated in advance to all students.


End-of-Year Show Levy

Students participating in the end-of-year show will be required to pay a one-off show levy of $25.


Missed Class Policy

Dance Classes

There are no refunds or discounts for classes missed during the term. If a class is missed, we do offer a make-up class (however this is subject to class availability). Make-up classes are only permitted within the term that they are missed.  Should a dance class be cancelled during the term, we will offer a make-up class to the students involved or provide a credit of the single class price. (Please note that this does not apply to crew programs).

DC Fit Adult Fitness Classes

We do not offer any refunds or make-up classes for any classes you missOur price structure supports all students to attend classes on a casual basis. All classes must be booked in advance as class space is limited.  

Late Penalties and Enrolment Cancellations

Dance Classes

Any students attending classes with term fees outstanding will be charged an additional $20 administration fee.

Dance Central is a pre-paid school, ensuring the quality of classes and commitment to events and projects. All term fees are to be paid for in full and prior to a student’s second lesson. Should a student wish to cancel their enrolment, Dance Central must be notified prior to their third lesson in order to be eligible for a refund. In the circumstance of a refund being granted the amount would be for remaining classes only (not applicable to any already taken).

‘Peace of Mind’ Policy

If for any reason, your child does not wish to continue after their first lesson, we will provide a 100% refund. If you decide it’s not for you after your second lesson, we will provide a refund minus the two classes your child has attended. This allows our families the opportunity to trial our classes for 2 weeks before being committed for the entire term.

DC Fit Adult Fitness Classes

We offer class rescheduling up until 24 hours prior to class commencing. No changes or refunds can be made within the 24 hours prior to your class booking.  

Payment Policy

  1. If Available Funds in your Account are not sufficient to comply with your Payment authorisation, the Quick Debit may be dishonoured and a Quick Debit Dishonour Fee may be charged by us.
  2. Direct Debit Dishonour Fee of $20 will be applied when we initiate a Direct Debit at your request or actioned under your Direct Debit User Facility, dishonours.

Term Fees Payment Due Date

We are a pre-paid school, if term fees are not finalised by the end of the second week of term, a $30 late fee will be charged to your account.