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Youth Dance Styles

Dance Styles in Youth Classes

Through our wide range of dance classes, our talented teachers fuel our student’s spirit, nurture their soul and build on each and every dancer’s individual style.



Acrobatics is the performance of extraordinary feats in agility, strength and balance. This style offers development across strength, flexibility, jumping/landing as well as balance and tumbling skills.  Acrobatics at Dance Central follows the Acrobatic Arts Academy syllabus, and we currently offer four levels across a variety of ages.
In order to progress to level 2 students need to confidently perform a limber. This is a movement where a student is standing and they touch the floor in front of them and then they recover and reach up over their head to land in a bridge. They then have to recover successfully from the bridge using the arm technique and upper body strength.
Recommended: Leotard and leggings/tights or other appropriate more fitted clothing (crucial for safety reasons in all acrobatic classes). Bare feet.
New to Acro: As above.


We are proud to follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet syllabus. This program spans from Primary to Pointe levels, and includes both non-examination and examination classes.

Read all about our Ballet Program.



Contemporary dance is a style of interpretive dance that embraces innovation. It blends techniques from various genres, including classical ballet, jazz, modern dance, and lyrical dance. This genre of dance, which can be more fluid or abstract, focuses more on floor work over leg work and pointe, and isn’t restricted by the rules that govern traditional dance forms. Contemporary classes cover a wide range of technical training in progressions, improvisation, floor work and trickery. Contemporary will help you explore how your body moves specifically and push you to move in unexpected ways.

Recommended:  Bare feet, foot thongs, contemporary dance socks, ballet or jazz shoes. Foot thong or barefoot for the show. 


Funk Tap

A technical tap class with a seriously modern edge of funky percussive beats and rhythms. If you love Happy Feet, Tap Dogs, Hot Shoe Shuffle, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly you will love this class.

Recommended: Black tap shoes
Trial with: court shoe or boot (smooth sole, non-grip)


Hip Hop

Straight from the Bronx of New York this ever evolving style is one of our most popular classes. A soulful expression of movement including dance hall, krump, popping, locking, waacking, voguing and tutting movements as well as urban choreography. Used by artists such as Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Missy Elliott. Hip Hop is all about developing your own style!

Recommended: Sneakers (not runners non-grip)



Jazz is a dynamic and well-rounded genre of dance that draws technical elements from ballet with upbeat rhythm and movement. It can take on characteristics of popular dance styles including Commercial, Funk, Broadway, Modern, Lyrical, Latin fusion, etc. Jazz class covers foundational Jazz technique (Barre, Centre, Isolations), strength, flexibility, performance and technique; including kicks, leaps and turn progressions, for every level.

Students will get their whole bodies moving to improve their stamina, mobility and flexibility while focussing on technique, rhythm, and style!

Recommended for all: Jazz shoes (Ballet shoes accepted). Tan Jazz shoes used for the show.



Smooth and expressive, this class is based on a combination of Jazz and contemporary technique and creative movement executed to R’n’B music. Lyrical is an excellent way to build on technique, musicality, and to gain strength and flexibility.

Recommended: Jazz shoes (Note: End of year show requires tan colour for females and black for males.)
New to Dance: Bare feet