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Download BAND

To join your child’s Band class page, follow these steps

  1. Download the App: Google App Store | Apple App Store
  2. Make an account either through Facebook, email, mobile, Google or Apple.
  3. Click the unique link for your class, which should be emailed to you. Don’t have your link? Contact our office.

 About BAND

BAND is a free, private, and safe communications app that lets you get in touch with our teachers quickly and easily.

How much does it cost?

Band is free for all users.

Do I need to join different band groups for every class?

Yes, every class has their own band group. Please follow each link that has been sent.

How is the band group to be used?

The band group is for dance communication only. Social communication is discouraged. Examples of appropriate band communication include:

  1. Teachers or students may post in the band group on the day of class that they are experiencing technical difficulties;
  2. Notify the teacher that your child will be absent due to illness;
  3. Teachers may post music for practice;
  4. Teachers may post routine vidoes; or
  5. Students may post themselves for critique.

Who will monitor the band group?

Teachers and admin staff will monitor the group. Parent supervision is optional with band. Please follow the instructions here for guidance on how to set up supervision. All students under 13 are encouraged to have a band supervisor.

Who do I contact for support with band?

Please contact our Reception Team, on at or
0433 111 800 with any questions or concerns.