Dance Central Student Award Winners 2016

Dance Central Student Award Winners 2016
December 20, 2016 Dance Central

Every year, Dance Central takes the time to honour and recognise our stand-out students for their stunning work and effort. Here is the list of winners for DC’s Student Awards 2016.

Show Awards

Shining Star Junior: This student is constantly trying their hardest and is improving every lesson. They are always paying attention and striving for their personal best every week. Junior shining star award goes to Rosy Zhu.

Most Improved Junior: This student is always focused on improving her dance abilities. She always comes to class with a positive attitude making Dance Central and brighter place. Most improved Junior dancer goes to Alessia Manouras.

All Rounder Junior:  This student strives to do her best in her different classes each week; she has shown us she is a committed dancer by practicing at home and helping others in class. The all-rounder junior award goes to Hailey Tonna

Rookie of the year Junior: This student started at Dance
Central in term 3 and although she was shy at the start we are so happy to have seen her flourish and grow in the studio! Rookie of the year award goes to Ava Burns.

Shining Star Youth: This Student’s commitment this year is like never before, we have watched them grow and shine in all their classes. Our Shining Star Junior Award goes to Isabelle Becvarik

Most Improved Youth: This Student has improved leaps and bounds in the studio and should be extremely proud of their achievements. They have shown that they are an inspiration to younger students and we are very proud to announce our Most Improved Youth Award goes to Jemima Kilmartin.

All Rounder Youth: This Student has a beautiful performance quality about them making them a stand out in the multiple classes they attend. They are always trying new things in class and demonstrating they are a committed hard working class member. Our All Rounder Youth Award goes to Giann Krecak.

Rookie of the year Youth:  This student although a younger member of their class has proven that they are completely capable. Their talent and passion is visible in every class they attend and we can’t wait for the amazing things that they will do in the years to come! Our Rookie of The Year Youth Award goes to Isabella Kimball.

Shining Star Teen: This Student always comes to class with a positive attitude and willingness to learn, this student accepts any and all challenges that they are given. Our Teen shining star goes to Alexia Dermatis.

Most Improved Teen: This student in pushing themselves every day to become a stronger dancer, we have watched them grow and we can see they have improved greatly over the course of the year, our most improved teen award goes to Alice Collins.

All Rounder Teen: This Student has shown us their commitment and love for dance. They have taken every challenge we have handed them and reaped the rewards. This student is excelling in several classes and her teachers are very proud of her, our all Rounder teen awards goes to Tiana Rakei

Rookie of the year Teen:  This hard-working student has only been at Dance Central for two terms and her bright personality has brought smiles to both her teachers and fellow students faces. Our Rookie of the year teen award goes to Samantha Smythe.

Shining Star Adult: This Student always puts in 100% in all their classes; making every class and performance spectacular. They commit to every move and are a pleasure to be around! Our Shining Star Adult Award goes to Georgie Smith.

Most Improved Adult: This student’s confidence has sky rocketed this year giving them the ability to push their limits. Their improvement in their technique has been especially notable. Our Most Improved Adult Award goes to Holly Hilder.

All Rounder Adult: This Student has shown determination to expand themselves in a range of different genres, committing to hours of work to perfect her style. Our All Rounder Adult Award goes to Indigo Butler-Moss

Rookie of the year Adult:  This student has been doing extremely well in class since they recently started at Dance Central! Their hard-working nature has meant that they have improved tremendously. Our Rookie Of the Year Adult Award goes to Shanaya Valmas

Crew & Eisteddfod Awards

Most Improved – Yasmin Surman-Schmidt
Shining Star – Isobelle Becvarik
Above and Beyond – Lucy Jenson

Most Improved – Mia Fitzgerald
Shining Star – Vasna
Above and Beyond – Alice Collins

Most Improved – Kate Collins
Shining Star – Holly Hilder
Above and Beyond – Ainslie Bull
Crew awards



Most improved- Jess Parkinson, June fang

Shining star- Josh Cox

Above and beyond – Rodaylin Mina



Most Improved – Ainslee Lynch

Shining Star – Jess Lopes-Brown

Above & Beyond – Isaac Bisa

Special Trooper of the Year – Maddie Becvarik



Most improved – Kaylee Houghton

Shining Star- Bella Meere

Above and beyond- Indigo Butler- Moss

Trooper award- Caelee Mazis



Most improved – Riley Gill

Shining Star- Aishia Gatdula

Above and Beyond- Tiana Houghton


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