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Accessible Fitness

Fitness should be for everyone. That’s why DC Fit offers a welcoming, positive and inclusive environment, with classes designed to accommodate all fitness levels and abilities. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there is something and somewhere for you!

Flexible Schedules

Busy schedule? No problem! Our classes are flexible, come and go, with NO commitments required. DC Fit offers flexible class times to fit your lifestyle, making it easy to stay committed to your fitness journey.

Fun and Effective

Say goodbye to boring workouts! At DC Fit, we want you to discover what your body is capable of in the most fun way possible! We blend the joy of dance with the benefits of fitness, ensuring every class is fun, energetic, and effective.

Supportive & Empowering

Be part of something bigger. If you’d like a positive, empowering, and safe class culture, then look no further! DC Fitters build relationships with other patrons that they carry beyond the classroom! Join our vibrant and supportive community, where you can make new friends and stay motivated together.


  • Review of Heels (Beginner) by Sarah Whitfield
    So good!! Such a supportive environment. My teacher was supportive, high energy, cheerful and made it so fantastic. All the others in the class were the same! Will be returning!
  • Review of Ballet (Beginner) by Kirsty Langford
    I absolutely love Beginners Ballet. Mabel is such a wonderful teacher, she accommodates everyone in the class, regardless of their experience and creates such a fun and enjoyable environment. I would highly recommend this class, whether you’re brand new to dance or returning to dance after a break.
  • Review of Contemporary (Beginner) by Angela Baker
    I love Mabel’s teaching[.] She is super attentive and clear in what she is trying to achieve with us – [technically] as well as the thrill of the dance. She isn’t afraid to give us something hard or to change her plan to suit the group. She is very [knowledgeable], passionate, experienced, safe and confident. I’ve loved every class I’ve done with her[.]

We #goturback

Dance Central is proud to foster an environment of empowerment for all members of our community. We believe in creating a space where everyone can grow and become the best version of themselves.

We are partners with various organisations that provide essential resources, helping to ensure that our community remains a safe and nurturing place. These collaborations enable us to offer support, guidance, and opportunities for personal and artistic growth.

At Dance Central, we are committed to making a positive impact and empowering each individual to thrive. Join us in celebrating a community built on respect, support, and shared passion for dance. Check the link below for more information on this initiative.