DC Fit

Get your Bounce On, on the house!

Did you know that Bounce burns an insane amount of calories in a short time? Thirty minutes of rebounding at a moderate rate will burn around 210 calories, while jogging only burns about 105!

So why not try out Bounce for FREE! Offer ends Saturday 14 March.


Available classes

  • Tuesday: 6.30am – Bounce (Mild – 1hr)
  • Wednesday: 6.45pm – Bounce (Moderate – 45m)
  • Saturday: 8.00am – Bounce (Moderate – 45m)

NOTE: Promo code only works when you book through our website and not through the MindBody app.

DC Fit

DC Fit fitness classes offer a unique selection of training styles that focus on toning, cardio, strength, and form. All classes incorporate music specific to the workout and focus on the development of adult fitness across all ages and abilities. 

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Age intake for all adult classes: 18 years and over.