DC Fit Ambassadors

Meet our Ambassadors

We are so absolutely stoked to have a strong, beautiful, dedicated team running our DC Fit program.

Come hear from our Ambassadors and find out who they are and what makes them passionate about DC Fit.


Amy Sang

Amy — or ‘Sang’, as we love to call her — is 30 years young and ready to tackle life as it comes. She has an extensive and varied dance background in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Musical theatre, and most recently breaking into the Fitness world as a Barre Body, Bounce and Pole instructor. We absolutely love her drive and her passion for sharing her knowledge and know-how.

Her achievements abound and include:

  • Owner/Director ‘Capital Dance Studios’
  • So you think you can dance Top 100, 2012
  • Australian representative, World Hip Hop Championships 2013
  • Miss Pole Dance ACT, 3rd place 2017
  • ACT and NSW Australian Pole Championships, 1st runner-up 2018
  • Pole Theatre Art Sydney Finalist Winner 2018

How did DC Fit come about?

As a woman who loves to stay fit and healthy, it is easy to gravitate to the idea of wanting to get involved with programs that involve a bunch of people reaching their full potential and kicking those goals of living a fit, active life. I was lucky enough to have worked with Julie from DC Canberra and their dedicated staff in my earlier years and when news of building an active movement came through, I couldn’t refuse.


What does that role involve?

Being a leading example of a fit and healthy life, I would like to lead the way for individuals to find balance in their busy beautiful lives.


What makes DC Fit different to other forms of fitness?

With an extensive history in dance fitness, incorporating these skills into a workout-based program to benefit all ages and all levels was a given. The aim is to inspire individuals to sweat it out in a fun and safe environment and providing a personalised motivation skill set to all who are up for the challenge. We want our clients to discover a passion for fitness whilst bringing people together and creating newfound relationships. ‘Kicking goals together’.

What are you, as an individual, going to bring to DC Fit?

I’m going to bring energy, fire and whole lot of laughs to the DC Fit community.

Why should someone become a member of DC Fit? What are the benefits?

I am on the move 24/7 and balancing all the important factors of being an adult. Work and family, healthy eating, home life, and time to relax are all contributing factors to leading a stress-free and happy life. Dedicating an intense hour to yourself each day will stimulate your wellbeing and benefit not only yourself but the people around you after feeding off positive energy after your session at DC Fit.


Thea Kabadanis

Thea has just moved back to Canberra from Sydney and cannot wait to share her knowledge as a performer, dance teacher, and fitness instructor.
In her early teens, Thea became very involved with the Hip Hop scene and joined a Hip Hop Crew at Dance Central. At the age of 18, she became a Hip Hop dance instructor and taught at many schools around Canberra including Canberra Dance Development Centre, Capital Dance Studios, and Dance Central.
When her dance crew Bliss (an all-female Canberra Hip Hop crew) qualified for the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas, her passion grew stronger and she continued to take dance more seriously.
Travelling to America and New Zealand frequently to gain more skills and knowledge, Thea has learned from the very best choreographers and has a world of knowledge when it comes to street styles.
In 2014, she moved to Sydney after being accepted into Brent Street Performing Arts school and graduated with a certificate 4 in Dance. She learned to be very versatile at Brent Street, as the school focussed more on the technical side of dancing, learning every style from ballet and contemporary to musical theatre.
She has performed and taught all over Sydney and had recently come back to Canberra to share all she knows! She also teaches Barre Attack group fitness classes  (a fusion of ballet, Pilates and cardio) at Fit and Fast Gyms around Sydney and incorporates her knowledge of strength and endurance into her classes.

How do you stay motivated to live an active lifestyle?

It’s all I know, really, from a young age I was always an active kid and played lots of sport. Also, my job is to teach people dance and fitness, so I stay motivated to motivate others! It also really helps to have active friends; I owe a lot to the people I spend the most time with because when we hang out, it’s usually at the gym or the dance studio training with each other or giving each other tips about fitness.

What’s your go-to quick healthy meal?

My quick healthy go-to meal is a salad I eat almost every day. It consists of
baked sweet potato, spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, almonds and avocado with olive oil as dressing! It gives me all the right nutrition I need to stay healthy and full of energy, plus the only thing that takes a bit of time to cook is sweet potatoes — but I usually bake them at night ready to go for the morning!

What has been the key to your success with your fitness goals?

It’s going to sound clichéd but it’s to never give up. I do struggle with negative self-talk but I’ve managed to keep pushing even when the belief in myself is minimal. I’ve learnt to switch the negative talk to positive and it really makes all the difference in personal growth and development.

What does wellbeing mean to you; how do you maintain it?

Wellbeing to me is feeling overall good about every aspect of your life. I believe it all starts with the way you eat and treat your body. If you aren’t conscious of the harm you may be doing to your body, it can cause a lot of damage. For me, it’s important to have meditation in my life when things get really crazy. Clearing my mind for just 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference to the state of my wellbeing especially when feeling anxious. Felling harmonious in all aspects of your life is a difficult challenge but when you start working hard at it every day, you start seeing amazing results!

What’s your number one advice to busy people wanting to get fit or maintain their fitness?

My number one advice is to MAKE TIME! Even if it’s 15 minutes a day. You
only get one life, and you need to cherish it! It’s proven scientifically that
making time for fitness will increase happiness, lower blood pressure and keep you younger – if that’s not a big enough incentive, then I don’t know what is!

What has been your most rewarding story while teaching?

When I first started teaching group fitness in Bondi, I remember having this one lady who really struggled in class. She could barely lift weights or keep up with the exercises. However, she continued to push through even though she found it challenging. As the year passed. she was one of my top students opting for the harder exercises and weights. The change I saw in her was incredible, from her physical form to her thriving confidence. That, to me, is so rewarding and I like to think I played a part in the growth to her self-development.

Best part of your job?

The best part of my job is the fact that I don’t feel like I’m working. In my
spare time, I love to dance, listen to music, work out and be with friends, and it just so happens this is exactly what my job entails.

What excites you most about DC Fit?

I can teach people how to love life and feel good about themselves! That to me is a dream come true!

Your day on a plate?

When I wake up, I usually have a huge glass of water, take a little time to myself to think about all the things I need to achieve that day, have a quick stretch and then make myself a yummy (healthy) breakfast. Oh, and I can’t forget COFFEE! Have a shower and then it’s quickly off to the gym to work on my personal routine.

I also work as a barista in a Vegan Café so it’s really easy for me to eat amazing food and educate people on nutrtion. (BONUS: I get great staff meals as well!) I usually then have a class in the afternoon so I’m spending a lot of my free time making up dance or fitness class routines, then head off to the studio to teach!

One of my favourite things before bedtime is using essential oils. At the
moment, I’m obsessed with lavender oil (used in an air humidifier) because it’s so good for relaxing before bedtime and really makes me sleep like a baby! Oh, and I guess I’m a bit of a hippy so I like to burn incense a lot! Right now, I’m burning sage as it clears negative energy and gives lots of mental clarity!