End of Year Show

Dance Central End of Year Show 2020

Friday 11 December, from the comfort of home!

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary treasures.

Introducing PHOENIX: Hope Rises — a Dance Central End of Year Show unlike anything we’ve done before!

With a spectacular range of dance styles and pieces filmed over 4 days, PHOENIX is coming to you as a one-of-a-kind livestream and cinema experience. We won’t let anything stop you from feeling that theatre wonder — and this time, even our dancers can join the audience, at home or in the cinema!

Come along as we explore the themes of hope, cooperation, and self-expression in the context of challenging times.

  • FILMING: 19-22 November at Canberra College Performing Arts Centre, Phillip
  • LIVESTREAM: Friday 11 December. This concert will be available for viewing online for 48 hours.
    • Saturday 12 December, 9:45am, 2:15pm, and 6:45pm shows
    • Sunday 13 December,9:45am, 2:15pm, and 6:45pm shows

Filming Schedule & Venue

Filming schedule & venue

Filming Schedule

Click on your Act below to view your timeslot.

Note: Regular classes at Dance Central will not be running on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 November.


NOTE: We are not filming this year’s show at our usual venue. so please take care to arrive at the address below.

Canberra College Performing Arts Centre
2 Launceston Street, Phillip 2606

Drop-off and Pick-up procedure


  • Find your performer’s drop-off time on the filming schedule documents above.
  • To adhere to COVID safety regulations, we are running with fewer staff members in the building and no parent volunteers. We, therefore, ask that you stick closely to your arrival time and avoid arriving early or late. A parent/guardian will need to sign each performer in with their teacher before promptly leaving the venue.
  • All performers must come fully dressed and with hair and makeup complete. Please also bring your own small hair and makeup touch-up kit as products cannot be shared amongst students.
  • Most performers should not need to bring a snack due to the limited time spent at the performing arts centre. However for those that choose to, please remember that we are a nut-free school.


  • Students under 18 years must be collected and signed out by a parent/guardian at their scheduled pick up time.
  • If somebody other than a student’s parent/guardian plans to pick them up, a parent/guardian must complete this Minder permission form in advance by Sunday 15 November. If this form is not completed, the performer may not be allowed to leave and parents may be called.
  • Note that due to COVID restrictions, students with a gap of greater than 15 minutes between the pickup time of one piece and the drop off time for another MUST leave the performing arts centre during their downtime.
  • Parents of students between 13-18 years who wish to leave the performing arts centre without a guardian must complete the Permission to Leave form by Sunday 15 November. If this form is not completed, the performer will not be allowed to leave and a parent will be called to collect them. Students under 13 years of age may not leave the performing arts centre without a parent/guardian under any circumstances.
  • As always, please provide us with an updated medical emergency action plan for your child if necessary.

Stage Makeup and Hair

Stage Makeup and Hair

Stage Makeup and Hair

Stage makeup is required for the filming performance to counteract the strong theatre lights that can wash out faces and make it very difficult to distinguish dancers on stage. Each student is given the stage makeup guide along with their costume note. Hair and makeup should be the same across the board.

Show Pricing

Show Pricing

In previous Shows, our tickets, merchandise and Show DVDS were sold separately, which meant multiple transactions for most of our families.

This year, Dance Central is bundling Show items for your convenience. Our new Show package provides value and savings for your family while covering the necessary costs of putting a show together — from the expertise of DC faculty, photographers; videographers and editors; and theatre techies, to theatre hire, pre-and-post production work, and more.

Show invoicing dates

Dance Central will invoice you the show package cost on 7 September. You will have until 15 September to finalise your payment to confirm your participation in the show. If DC is purchasing a costume on your child’s behalf, you will be sent an invoice for this within the first week of October.

We have decided to spread out invoices to assist families with payments, and therefore will not invoice for Term 4 until early October.

If we have to cancel the show after we’ve emailed invoices, families will receive a full refund of the Show Package minus the cost of the show levy ($30). This is due to expenses that would have already been incurred towards the Show.

Show Package Prices and Breakdown

  • 1 child package cost $100
  • 2 child or more package cost (additional levy and photo cost) $150

Each package will include the following

  • Show levy (to cover show production and rehearsal): $30
  • Live stream Family Pass Ticket (accessible for 48hrs): $29.95 (Normally $160 for a family of 4)
  • DVD or USB Phoenix Show (Normally $40)
  • Photo Package: $20 (Normally $40-$50)
    Includes 2 x Group portraits and a selection of stage photos (minimum of 5) $20
    NOTE: No matter how many classes your child is in, the cost of photos will not increase per package.

Show costumes are not included; there will not be a costume levy this year. Instead, each student will need to source their own costume this year (except for the Trolls headpiece, which will be sourced by DC and invoiced later).

Show Broadcast and Ticketing

Show Broadcast and Ticketing

Due to COVID-19, we will not have a live show audience. Instead, we plan to broadcast the concert in the following ways.

  • Virtual streaming (included in show package): Friday 11 December
  • In cinema (HOYTS Woden):
    • Saturday 12 December, 9:45am, 2:15pm, and 6:45pm shows
    • Sunday 13 December,9:45am, 2:15pm, and 6:45pm shows
  • Choice of USB or DVD (included in show package)



Each family will receive a unique code to access the virtual live stream on Friday 11 December as a part of your show package. Any family members or friends wanting to purchase a link to watch the show will be able to do so via our website closer to the date.


Purchase your tickets separately online.

Show DVD

The Show will be produced in DVD format; each family will receive 1 DVD or USB as part of their show Package.

You can purchase extra copies on our website through our online shop when it is ready.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our End of Year Show experience.

We know how much our students have enjoyed the show in the past; it is the highlight of the year for so many of our students. We sincerely hope that you will join us and be part of something that is truly special!