End of Year Show

Dance Central End of Year Show 2023

Canberra Theatre | Saturday 11 November 2023


Junior Show (5-8yrs)
10:30am matinėe only

See the Intrepid program here



Senior Show (9yrs+)
2pm matinėe and 7pm evening show

See the Fearless program here



Confirming your participation

All Term 3 students are automatically enrolled into the Show.

Opting out

Please submit the Opt Out of Show form if you do not wish to take part. If so, you’re still welcome to take classes in Term 3, then take a short break before returning halfway through Term 4 after the show for the mini-term commencing on Monday 13 November.


Excellent attendance is expected in the lead-up to our Show as the students work together to hone their performance pieces and rely heavily on each other. We understand sickness, school and work commitments can pop up, so please give us as much notice as you can via a message in your class BAND group. Teachers will be posting videos each week to BAND & home practice is highly recommended. You will be emailed a link to join in Week 4 if you’re not already in the group.

Post-Show: Term 4

Classes return to normal after the Show. Non-participating students may return to class. If you took part in our Show, no need to do anything – you’re already enrolled for the remainder of Term 4.


Your contribution to the show is important, as it helps to cover the extra rehearsal days and theatre costs, including DC & technical staff, media producers and props.

You’ll receive an invoice with the following items:

  • Participation fee (the ‘Show Levy’), and
  • Costume fee (one per class; this covers all the costumes we purchase on your behalf).

Payment or arrangement of an Ezidebit payment plan secures your registration and costume.


Costumes are one of the most exciting parts of participating in Dance Central’s End of Year Show! Each class gets a unique outfit to suit their style and music, build team spirit and make the day feel extra special.


Costume information

DC will distribute a ‘Costume Note’ in Term 3, which contains all the details of your classes’ individual costumes. We’ll confirm whether we’ll be buying a costume on your behalf, or whether you’ll need to self-source your outfit. This will also cover what hairstyle, shoes and more to wear. Please keep your eyes peeled for the costume note, read it promptly and make sure to get organised early to avoid a last-minute panic.


Costumes ordered by DC

In most cases, DC will purchase your costume on your behalf. Costumes will be distributed by the end of Term 3. The Costume Fee (invoiced in Term 3 along with the Show Levy) covers the cost of the costume. Please note, while we order sizes as best we can, your costume may require some alterations and they’ll be your responsibility.


Self-sourced costumes

On occasions, a teacher opts for a self-sourced costume which means that in your Costume Note you’ll be given guidelines on items to gather. This might be any item you like in a certain colour, or a particular style of item with examples. These can be from your wardrobe/second-hand/store bought. (In this case, your pre-show invoice will include for the show levy only, and no costume fee)


What you’ll need to bring in addition

All students must have the appropriate footwear for each class as part of their costume. We recommend sourcing these as soon as you receive your costume note & wearing them in before the show. Please find our footwear reference table below:

Dance Style Girls Suggested Footwear Boys Suggested Footwear
Ballet Pink or Skin Tone Colour leather or stretch canvas Black ballet shoes
Jazz Tan, split sole, no laces Black, split sole, no laces
Contemporary Foot Thong (separate toe sock from Bloch) Foot Thong (separate toe sock from Bloch)
Tap Black Leather Maryjane or Lace up, full-sole tap shoes. Black leather, lace up, full-sole tap shoes.
Hip Hop Sneakers (costume colour may be requested in costume note) Sneakers (costume colour may be requested in costume note)
Lyrical Foot Thong (separate toe sock from Bloch) Foot Thong (separate toe sock from Bloch)


Stage make-up is required for every performance to counteract the strong theatre lights that can wash out face and make it difficult to distinguish dancers on stage. Each student is given instructions as to what is required for their performance. Hair and make-up should be the same across the board.

DC provide a free stage make-­up workshop for parents and students to practise together. This will fall on Saturday 14 October.


We take our job seriously when looking after our students backstage. That’s why we ask you to check if the following circumstances apply to you:

  • Does your child need medication backstage or require an action plan for a severe allergy or illness? If so, please fill in this Emergency Action Plan form, also available on our web.
  • If someone other than mum or dad is collecting a child from backstage, we need to be notified by submitting the Non-Parent Pick-up Form.
  • Students under 18 years must be collected by a parent/guardian/minder during this time. If a student aged 13-18 wishes to leave the theatre after their scheduled time without a parent/guardian/minder, we’ll need a consent form completed by a parent or legal guardian in advance outlining dates and your permission.


The Dress Rehearsal & Photo Day, Full-Dress and Technical Rehearsal, and the Show itself, are the main events!


Dress Rehearsal & Photo Day – Saturday 21 (Juniors) and Sunday 22 October 2023 (Seniors)

Hosted at our usual studios, this in when you will first try out your full costume, hair and makeup. You will be provided with a detailed schedule 1-2 weeks in advance, and you will be required for approximately 1 hour between 12pm and 6pm.

The Dress Rehearsal and Photo Day Guide explains everything you need to know about our processes. This document is provided closer to the date.


Full-Dress and Technical Rehearsal – Friday 10 November (Juniors AM, Seniors PM)

Held at the Canberra Theatre, this will be your opportunity to wear your full costume (hair and makeup not required) on the actual stage, and practice being dropped off, heading through the performer’s entry, coming on and off stage, and being picked up. This is where our technical team will set your lighting and music so it all runs smoothly for the real thing. We’ll run through the whole show end-to-end.

We understand that for our performers this will mean taking a half or full day off from school. Think of it as an excursion – the technical rehearsal is a fantastic educational experience where our students learn about all the work that goes into being backstage at a theatre. Should you require any assistance in the form of a letter from us to provide to your school, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Show Day – Saturday 11 November (Juniors AM, Seniors PM)

The real deal! You’ll feel confident having practiced in advance, and friends and family can sit back and enjoy the show.

Please arrive already in full costume, hair & makeup.

The Show Guide explains everything you need to know about our Canberra Theatre Show processes. This document is provided closer to the date.



Parents volunteers help us keep backstage fun, safe and organized by enforcing the rules of the theatre, assisting with make­up and hair touch-ups, and supervising students as they move around the backstage area.



Step 1. Obtain a Working with Vulnerable People card in advance. You can apply for a WWVP card through Access Canberra.

Step 2. Pick which Show to volunteer for. The commitment then includes their show’s rehearsals and either the matinee or evening performance of that Show. Note that this means you are not able to enjoy the show as an audience member while volunteering.

Step 3.  Express your interest by completing a form (link to be provided)

Step 4. Attend the compulsory Volunteer Induction Meeting via Zoom – 7:45pm to 8:45pm, Tuesday 17 October 2023

Step 5. Collect your backstage pass and complimentary T-shirt from DC (these are to be worn backstage)

Step 6. Come to your allocated sessions with supplied volunteer backstage t-shirt, pass, and Working with Vulnerable People card. Only performers, staff, and volunteers with these items may go backstage (no additional children).



For the first time ever, and to best showcase the incredible talent of over 700 DC students, Dance Central will be presenting 3 separate shows. These will be ticketed separately, and we will offer a bundle deal for our Matinee shows.

INTREPID Junior Show – 10:30am Matinee only

FEARLESS Senior Show – 2:00 pm Matinee & 7:00pm Evening

Tickets will go on sale around early September via Canberra Ticketing and the Canberra Theatre website. You will receive an email when ticket sales are opened.

We love to encourage our Junior students to come and watch the Senior Show as they find it so inspiring to get a vision for their future in dance. You will have time to pick up your child after INTREPID, pop out for some lunch, and come back to enjoy FEARLESS together.



Our show is professionally filmed and made available to you on a copyright USB for unlimited hours of viewing! Our students love to see themselves in action and learn other dances in the

Only available via pre-order via our shop here. Orders close on Friday 24 November 2023.



Beautiful portraits will be captured of each class in their costumes on dress rehearsal day. Stunning images of the live production under the bright lights will only be available and seen by students and parents registered at DC.

We will provide a secure link for you to register your interest in purchasing photos and receive them in digital format.


Certificates and scholarships are awarded in every age category. These nominations are made by teachers and selected by the Director. Award winners receive 20% off classes for Term 1 the following year.

The awards are:

  • Most Improved
  • Shining Star
  • The Spirit of Chris Perkins

Junior awards will be announced at the end of the Junior show. Senior awards will be announced at the end of the evening Senior show.



Finalise Term 3 Enrolment           


Monday 31 July


Dance Central Customer Portal



Finalise your participation in the Show by paying your Show and Costume Levy


Wednesday 9 August


You can pay online, via phone or in person. See invoice for details. Haven’t received an invoice, contact DC via email to let us know


Students are Measured for Costumes


Term 3: Week 2 & 3


Costumes are ordered and handed out in class during T3. Costume notes emailed include hair and make-up  instructions



In Class at Dance Central.


Tickets Go on Sale                                                                           


From early September – keep an eye out in your emails


Canberra Ticketing


Online: canberratheatrecentre.com.au                                                                                                         Phone: 02 6275 2700

In person: Box Office, Canberra Theatre Centre, Civic Square London Circuit



Stage Make-up Workshop


Join us for a 1hr stage make-up workshop at Dance Central. No need to book. Come alone or bring your child with you. Students aged 12 + can attend on their own



Dance Central Studios

Saturday 14 October


Specific studio will be confirmed closer to the time.


Sign-up; Parents & Student Volunteer


Join our backstage team at The Canberra Theatre for our rehearsal & show and support our gorgeous dancers & their teachers.

You must have a WWVP card



Link to sign up will be provided closer to the time by email & available via our website


Photos & Video (USB) available for order


Beautiful Photos & a professionally filmed Video presented on a USB of the shows will be available for order



Available via our online store closer to the date via our website


Photos are sold via a third party, E.S Fotography



Parent volunteer induction



A Zoom Link is emailed to all volunteers the day before the meeting



On Zoom

7:45pm to 8:45pm

Tues 17 October 2023


Dress Rehearsal & Photo Day


Intrepid Junior Show Only


A schedule with timing is provided 1-2 weeks before however the entire rehearsal runs from 12pm to 6pm


Each class is required to attend for approximately 1hr in full costume, with hair and make-up complete



Dance Central Studios


Saturday 21 October


Arrive/check-in & check-out at Studios 5-6 door




Dress Rehearsal & Photo Day


Fearless Senior Show Only



A schedule with timing is provided 1-2 weeks before however the entire rehearsal runs from 10am to 5pm


Each class is required to attend for approximately 1hr in full costume, with hair and make-up complete



Dance Central Studios


Sunday 22 October


Arrive/check-in & check-out at Studios 5-6 door



Technical Rehearsal


Crews and Troupes Only



Crews and Troupes Only


Required from 4pm. Exact timing will be provided prior



Canberra Theatre


Thursday 9 November


Full-Dress and Technical Rehearsal


Intrepid Junior Show Only



INTREPID Junior Show Cast


Required morning session only



Canberra Theatre


Friday 10 November


Full-Dress and Technical Rehearsal


Fearless Senior Show Only



FEARLESS Senior Show Cast


Required from midday



Canberra Theatre


Friday 10 November


Intrepid – Show Day


INTREPID Junior Show Cast



Canberra Theatre

Saturday 11 November



10:30am Show

Arrival time TBC

*Junior Show only perform once in the matinee



Fearless – Show Day


FEARLESS Senior Show Cast



Canberra Theatre

11 November 2023


Matinee – 2pm Show


Evening – 7pm Show

Arrival times TBC