End of Year Show 2021


Saturday 30 October



End of Year Show

Dance Central End of Year Show 2021

Online Concert | December 2021

Help us solve the mystery within…

Introducing ENIGMA — Dance Central’s End of Year Show 2021 and our very first Three-Show Spectacular! Come along as we explore the themes of mystery and self-discovery in our very own dance triptych.

NOTE: Our Show will now be filmed. CHECK BELOW for further details!

Show 1 (performed by our 4 to 8-year-olds)

Meet our very own Scooby Gang and unlock the mystery within the walls of DC.

Show 2 (our 8 to 12-year-olds)

Explore what it means to be curious.

Show 3 (our 12 to 18+ year-olds)

You’ll find something you didn’t go looking for, and learn to be careful what you wish for…


Key Dates for performers & parents

Last day to change enrolment or opt-outSat 24 July
(Week 2, Term 3)
Complete our online form to OPT OUT or contact info@dance-central.com.au or 0433 111 800
Show filming (See filming schedule)Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 NovemberDance Central studios



As usual, we have rolled over all Term 2 students into Term 3. We assume that all students in 4-years-and-older classes will participate in the show and we will invoice for show levy fees accordingly.


Blueberries, Acrobatics, and Examination Ballet do not participate in the show. Find a complete list of classes in the show in the ‘Rehearsals and Show Day’ section. If you need to, please clarify with the office or your teacher directly.



From Term 3 Week 3, we will no longer accept new students or changes to any enrolments. You may register for our waitlist and rejoin once the show is complete.



Every performer will be charged a small $25 fee to help us offset the costs of such a large theatre production. This helps us break even and continue to produce these shows for years to come.



We understand sickness, school and work commitments can pop up and prevent students from attending class, but please provide as much notice as you can to info@dance­central.com.au​. Make-up classes and credits will not be available, as joining other classes is not an option while they prepare their own routines for the show.



Classes will return to normal from Monday 1 November 2021 (Week 5, Term 4). The DC team will take care of enrolling all show participants into the rest of Term 4.



If you would NOT like to be part of the show, please submit your request through our online form.  

We will delete your show levy invoice and remove you from future show communications. Note that once students have opted out, they may not opt back in. Your children may continue to participate in Term 3 without intending to do the show. They will learn the same skills and routine as the performers. However, the first four weeks in Term 4 (just before the show) are limited to show performers only as we run final rehearsals. Therefore,  students who opt out of the Show will not be enrolled automatically into Term 4; parents may choose instead to put them on the waiting list, or manually enroll their child again after the show is complete.

Rehearsal and Filming Schedule


  • When: As needed
  • Where: Dance Central

Some classes require an extra rehearsal in the form of extended class hours or an extra class session on a different day. You will be given as much notice as possible.



  • When: Monday 15 – Saturday 20 November (during class time)
  • Where: Dance Central

In this week, we send around a team of staff members to observe the students in costume practising their routine in their regular class time, and to make notes for parents, the teacher, and technical staff.

Performers need to arrive to class dressed in their costume this week (no makeup and hairstyling needed this session). This allows us to catch any costume problems early.



  • When: Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 November
  • Where: Dance Central

FILMING DAY(S)! This is it. Come fully costumed and made up and fabulous and put your best game on. We’re running like clockwork these 4 days and that means you’ll be in and out in an hour for each performance. The whole shebang includes photography as well as a quick rehearsal before filming. VIEW FILMING SCHEDULE.


Certificates and scholarships are awarded in every age category. These nominations are made by teachers and selected by the Director. Award winners receive 20% off classes for Term 1 the following year.

The awards are: Most Improved, All Rounder, Shining Star, Rookie of the Year, and the Spirit of Chris Perkins Award.

These will be announced in the video at the end of each Show.

Tickets, Recordings, Photography


The photography and filming of the Show will be included in the $50 fee that we’re charging per family. So yes, if you have several dancers in your home tribe, you still only pay the low, low price of $50 total.



Photographs will be taken of each class on Filming Day. Photos will be digitally provided with the recording of the Show, and is covered within the $50 fee charged per family.

Costumes & Makeup


Each class will be given a unique costume, which may be ordered in by DC or self-sourced by families depending on the class. We will communicate details with each class individually.

If your class needs a costume ordered, Dance Central will handle the logistics. The teacher will measure their students during class in Week 3 of Term 3 – all students must be present this week. Then you will receive a costume description and an invoice to your email. We will provide costumes to students in class once they are ready and paid for.

If your class requires a self-sourced costume, you will receive an email detailing exactly what to buy.

We do our best to keep costumes reasonably priced. Depending on the performers’ age and class, most costumes fall between $20 to $80, although there is no guarantee.



Each student must arrive wearing stage make­up for their performance. The strong lights used in the studio (we’re bringing special lighting in!) wash out faces and make it difficult to distinguish dancers on stage.

Nearer to the Show, you will be emailed details about your costume as well as what we require for stage makeup. We will also have volunteers and team members backstage at our shows to touch up makeup as required. Each student must bring their personal makeup bag to the theatre.

The stage makeup instructions are included in your costume note.