End of Year Show 2017

WHEN: Friday 20 October (7pm show) | Saturday 21 October (11am show)
WHERE: The Canberra Theatre Centre

This biggest concert of our year is ON. This is the most exciting time of year for our students (which is really saying something, because this year is already shaping up to be HUGE.) Right now, we’re in the throes of costume design — over a thousand costumes light up our stage every year, and this year is promising to be even more spectacular!

Being a part of the end-of-year show is an incredible experience that involves the entire DC Family. It’s where our students get to show their very proud family and friends their growth and their passion for dance. Each year we see the love, commitment and dedication grow in each of our students and we are so proud of this.

We’re very excited to announce the name of this year’s show: BELIEVE. This word has a significant meaning to us at Dance Central, and more so than ever this year.

What to expect

In honour of the magical moments Dance Central students have experienced during 2017, we have dedicated our end of year show to the power of belief.

Inspired by Walt Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Act 1 captures a physical, theatrical interpretation of Beast’s remarkable transformation to learn to love again, and earn the love of Belle whom he holds captive in his castle.

In Act 2, senior dancers explore an array of modern dance styles in response to the overarching theme ‘Believe’.

Audience will experience performances from Dance Central’s internationally recognised and award-winning crews and troupes. Tickets move fast, don’t miss your opportunity to experience this colourful show!