How Jess found her feet again

How Jess found her feet again
May 27, 2019 Dance Central

She suffered excruciating pain in her feet, day in and day out…

In the 7-or-so months since DC Fit started, we’ve met so many inspirational people who have shared stories on how they’ve used DC Fit not just to increase their fitness, but also to completely reshape their lives.

One of the most incredible stories we’ve heard so far is that of Jess* and we couldn’t help but share this one with you today. We guarantee this is what will motivate you to get moving…

A few years ago, Jess was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and calcifications on her feet. This mean cocktail of conditions gave her excruciating pain in her feet, day in and day out. Ironically, one of the only ways to treat Jess’s condition was for her to get ON her feet, and get moving.

“I was told by a doctor that one of the many treatments to do were calf and plantar fascia stretches. The alternatives were cortisone injections or even surgery,” Jess explained to us.

Like most people in her situation, Jess wanted to avoid any kind of drugs or surgery, Instead, she opted to try and treat her condition with exercise.  She saw the classes at DC Fit as a way of motivating herself to keep pushing through, and hoped that she might just see improvements in her health along the way.

“When I first started DC Fit, I wasn’t even able to bend over or touch my toes, and I felt doomed.

“Since taking these classes, I’ve gained so much movement back. I have finally been able to embrace my life again.

“I have fewer and fewer physical barriers with each class, and the various classes I take complement each other and help build strength and fitness back into my body.”

Not only did Jess see an improvement in her foot health, she also noticed a complete change in her mindset and motivation.

“[DC Fit] makes me feel great! After every class, I feel I have accomplished something towards my fitness and feet well-being. The classes also really help my confidence,” said Jess.

“Plus, the instructors at Dance Central inspire me to keep coming back for more. They help me remain motivated rather than staying off my feet.”

“It’s a very supportive environment, and every instructor adapts to the various levels of fitness and skills that each student has.”

And her favourite class on her timetable each week? Ballet!

“It’s funny, my husband always reminds me that ballerina dancers always age very well – they have good bone structure! But for me, it’s the grace, flexibility, posture, and coordination that I look forward to. I cannot recommend the classes enough.”

Overall, Jess has seen a drastic improvement in her everyday life, and we’re thrilled that DC Fit has helped her on her journey.

“It has helped tremendously with my feet health and is a constant reminder of ‘me time’.”

*name has been changed for privacy reasons. 

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