How to dust off winter super-quick: 4½ surefire ways

How to dust off winter super-quick: 4½ surefire ways
September 30, 2019 Dance Central
“When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest.” — Ernest Hemingway

Ah Canberra. While it is technically springtime according to our calendar, the general weather and our bodies can take a while to get the memo. If your inner spring hasn’t sprung already, here’s some quick tips to get you winding up to go.

1) Spring clean

It can feel odder for us doing this in the middle of the year, but a spring clean isn’t just about getting the house tidy. We all know what our winter wardrobe can be like, where we recycle the jumpers and knits over and over. But freshening up your wardrobe as you retire the warmer clothes for your in-betweeners will go some ways in getting you into the spring mood.

As for decluttering other bits — whether it’s the house, the office, the schedule — maybe try a different plan of approach. One year, instead of spring-cleaning the house by room, I went by categories. So old shoes might be sorted one day, crockery and cookware another. Sometimes the task only took me 5 minutes! Not only did it suddenly seem much more manageable, it actually helped me rationalise my stuff and keep them all in the one place. Get creative.

2) Change your diet

Comfort food in winter tends to include lots of sinful, yummy carbs. Also, cold salads look a lot less appealing when you’re longing for warm food inside you. But with the warmer weather and the change of seasonal fruits and vegetables comes plenty of opportunities to add veggies to your diet. Rule of thumb: keep your plate colourful.

Winter is also when we get depleted of some vitamins and minerals more than others, owing both to the change in diet and weather. Vitamin B and D are vitamins that many of us don’t get enough of — and they are critical for mood and energy. The other superstar is magnesium, which is important for our metabolism, enzyme function, and energy. Supplements might be the way to go for you to get up to speed, although always be sure and check with a health and nutrition professional for the best fit for you.

3) Get out and move

We all tend to curl up more indoors when it’s winter, and lethargy notoriously ramps up when the sun goes down and the temperatures with it. Exercise is a big part of getting your energy and endorphin levels, as we already know. The recommended goal is 150 minutes of exercise a week. Maybe fit in some activities in the late afternoon to reduce that early-evening fatigue. It’ll also improve your sleep.

4) Fill up your social calendar

Along with our hibernation comes fewer opportunities to hang out with friends. One natural incentive for getting out of the house is the delicious promise of a fun date with a friend.

½) The secret weapon we promised you

Nothing quites says New Beginning like trying something new — and with that, we want to challenge you to try something that scares you a little. Maybe take up a dance class that intimidates you slightly. Karaoke in public. Go on a solo trip somewhere. Get your adrenaline going and your heart pumping, and we guarantee that your winter lethargy will be a thing of the past.

Welcome to Spring!



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