How to get your mojo back after the vacay

How to get your mojo back after the vacay
June 10, 2019 Dance Central

“Crikey, I’ve lost my mojo!” — Austin Powers

Maybe you’re still adjusting a week in after the two-week school hols. Maybe you just got back from your glamping trek across Southeast Asia (in which case, please tell us how it went!) 

Whatever it is, there’s something about going on an extensive break that makes it hard to swing back to normal. So here are some useful tips I scrounged together while trying to get my own butt back in gear.

1) Rest

And you’re thinking, “Honey, I just got back from a break!” And yet chances are, you’re feeling the crash after a holiday high. Whether your time off work was enjoyable or hard going, change always takes a bit of getting used to. Sleep can often be more erratic during a vacation as well, so invest in sleep to properly recuperate and feel more human instantly. Sleep is fuel.  

2) Drink lots of water

I was chatting to a friend who told me she got dehydrated during the holidays because she no longer had the routine of drinking water while she was parked at her desk at work. Change messes even the small habits we take for granted, and it seems a common thing that hydration gets forgotten when you’re holidaying. Particularly when lots of wine and tea came to be involved. 😉

 3) Plan ahead

Even if your normal routine is something you’ve had for years and years, getting back in the old groove can sometimes take a while. It might be because we’re still feeling a little doughy and haven’t made the transition mentally. Perhaps our motivation to work is still suffering from post-holiday blues.

For me, I find focusing and thinking on the spot a challenge when I’m in transition, so what helps is planning the night before to hyper-schedule my work day. I also try and chunk my work into smaller time slots to capitalise on my temporary scattiness. With that, I can pretty much zombie my way to success until the engine finally warms up and my mojo kicks back into gear.  

4) Draw your boundaries

This is probably useful to know before the vacay started because it has to do with managing the deluge when you return. I actually have a friend who states, in his out-of-office message, that he will delete ALL the emails he receives during his vacation so if your email is really that important, please send it to him after he returns from his holiday. Not all of us have the luxury (or intestinal fortitude!) to pull that off, but it does prompt me to think about how I can set my environment up for success when I return to work. When I can, I sneak back into work on a Friday so I can prepare the way for a gentler Monday.

5) Give yourself time. And be kind.

Try not to schedule big things straight after a holiday. If you’ve been away with your family, they’ll be needing a break themselves to find their own rhythm too. Some people write about freshening up their homes so they feel like it’s a new beginning again. It could be flowers in a vase or fresh clean sheets, maybe even a new something-something for the work wardrobe. Whatever it is, try and find the fun to spark your interest in Normal again. You’ll soon be right, you’ll see. 

And welcome back. 😉


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