Three Dance Central Crews Qualify for World Championships

Save the Date: Mid-Year Show Fundraiser
May 17, 2024 Dance Central

Save the Date for our
Midyear Show Fundraiser!


This year’s Mid-Year Show just got a LEVEL UP! We are thrilled to announce that on June 15, we will be hosting a special fundraiser to help THREE of our incredible crews reach the world stage in Phoenix, Arizona!


Supporting Our Talented Crews

This is our chance to bring the Canberra name to the global stage with pride. All proceeds from this show will go towards funding our crews’ journey to compete against 4,000 other talents worldwide. It’s an exciting opportunity for our dancers to showcase their skills and represent Australia with honour.


What’s in Store at the Mid-Year Show?

  • Amazing Performances: Expect jaw-dropping, captivating performances from our talented dancers.
  • Exciting Raffles: Participate in our raffle draw for a chance to win fantastic prizes.
  • Food Stalls and More: Enjoy a variety of delicious food stalls and other engaging activities.


Why Your Support Matters

The Mid-Year Showcase Fundraiser will not only be filled with fun and incredible performances but will also provide crucial support for our dancers. Here’s how your contributions will help:

  • Travel and Accommodation: 100% of the proceeds will go directly to funding our crews’ travel and accommodation expenses.
  • Competition Fees: The funds will also cover the competition fees, allowing these young dancers to compete on the global stage.
  • Extra Training: We aim to provide Legacy, Onyx, and Rascal with the best support possible, including extra hours of rigorous training, top-notch choreography sets, and dedicated coaching from the best and most passionate in the industry.


Join Us and Make a Difference

Dance is a way of life for our children. Let us rally behind them and help them bring back the TITLE OF WORLD CHAMPIONS!

Stay tuned for the full rundown of events. Your presence and contributions can make a significant difference in their journey.

We look forward to seeing you there!