Letting Go of Yesterday’s Junk

Letting Go of Yesterday’s Junk
April 1, 2019 Dance Central

“Marie Kondo has a point.” — Brisbane Times

Marie Kondo really tapped into the zeitgeist of our consumerist society that understands it is filled with clutter but has a hard time letting go of stuff. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about books or activities, lovelies; somehow, many of us have gotten into the habit of packing a lot into our cars, our homes, our brains, our year, our week, our day.

But here’s the thing:

If you want to allow something new into your life,
you gotta make room for it.

And here’s its evil twin:

Something’s gotta give, love.

Change takes prep. It takes planning and brain cells and negotiation. Making room for a new thing — especially a new habit — inevitably means reworking schedules and sacrificing something old. It could be sleep. It could be space-out time on Facebook. It could be putting a home project on hold, or saying no to extra drum lessons for the kid, or turning down overtime. We can’t do everything, and sometimes it means the people around us can’t do what they want to do either. Change takes negotiation. It’s never easy. You don’t just fight to hold on — you often have to fight to let go, too.

But if the change is going to be worth it, do it. Make the plan, bring people along with you. And just like they say about any creative process — edit, edit, edit. When you start to distill what is really important in your life, the deadweight becomes easier to spot and then let go. Promise.


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