New To Dance? We’ve been waiting for you…

New To Dance? We’ve been waiting for you…
March 2, 2016 voodoo

Do you remember what it was like as a kid to dance, crazy and free, like no one was watching? The exhilaration. The crazy carefree abandon.  Dance has a tendency to do that.

Whether you’re new to dance or ready to rekindle your passion for dance, Dance Central brings out the best in you the dance floor, whilst you have the time of your life. What’s not to love?

New To Dance is Dance Central’s latest addition to our adult class schedule. Every adult class listed is now available at a level for those who have never taken a dance class before!

Even if you’re not thinking quite So You Think You Can Dance, it’s incredible to see that we can all have a go at dance, get super fit and have fun!

For 26 year-old Tia Pettingill, dance has improved her overall wellbeing, after a recent gap in exercising.

“I feel better, I eat better and I sleep better,” says Tia, who takes several dance classes every week.

“Dance has helped improve every part of my life, including my mental health. I’m more calm and relaxed. I’m a lot fitter, my knee injury has improved, and I have fun!”

Our New To Dance teachers are not about one-size-fits-all. Choreography is adapted to suit individual needs and competencies.

“In the same class, there are people doing beginner steps right through to a more challenging intermediate version of the routine,” says Tia.

As for the range in ages, from 18 to 45, Tia says it is insignificant.

“Age fades into the background because we’re all there for the same purpose, to enjoy ourselves and do something good for ourselves.” 

Our New To Dance classes are launching with a FREE VIP Dance Experience, kicking off Monday 7 March and running until Thursday 10 March.

We invite you to come and see what all the fuss is about. Choose a dance class that suits you, even experiment with something totally new! It’s your chance to shine.

“If you take a New To Dance class just once you’ll get hooked, and find yourself unable to keep from coming back,” says Tia.

Choose from the following dance classes below.

Contemporary Mon 7 March 2016 6:30pm

Tap Wed 9 March 2016 5:45pm

Exotic Funk Wed 9 March 2016 6:00pm

Jazz Funk Thurs 10 March 2016 7:00pm


RSVP via phone on 02 6282 7609 or commit with a friend and post online with #lovedancecentral

We can’t wait to welcome you. Reserve your place today. Let’s go!  


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