The need to prep to succeed

The need to prep to succeed
December 2, 2019 Dance Central
“Preparation, I have often said, is rightly two-thirds of any venture.” — Amelia Earhart

We just survived a very full weekend walking through over 700 students wearing over 1000 costumes at our full-dress rehearsal and photoshoot. It’s part and parcel of our preparation for the End of Year Show and it’s absolutely crucial: our dry run is where we test out if the running order in our heads works just as well on the ground. Through this, we find out if dancers have enough time between pieces for costume changes, if the flow of the show can be improved, if set pieces are ready.

Whether it’s an event, an IT development project, or dance and fitness, preparation really does matter. In project management, they say planning needs to take anything between 6-20% of the cost and time to be successful. And when it comes exercising, setting yourself up to succeed takes time and purposeful consideration.

The real workout starts way before the scheduled exercise class because the mind needs to be prepared as much as the body.  Be sure to schedule your exercise classes — make a meeting with yourself! Prepare what you need the night before, and remember to take a light snack and hydrate plenty about one to two hours before your workout. In other words, set the momentum within yourself so you’re ready and raring to go when the workout begins. Procrastination, that naughty minx, that take a hike then.



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