Want to have it all? Try Contemporary

Want to have it all? Try Contemporary
October 21, 2019 Dance Central
“Dance is an art in space and time. The object of the dancer is to obliterate that.” — Merce Cunningham

Contemporary Dance almost defies definition but we’re going to try. It’s an eclectic synthesis of many dance forms — from jazz, ballet and hip hop to tumbling, pilates, even martial arts — all woven artfully together to tell a compelling story.

Back in the 19th century when serious dance art in the Western world was synonymous with ballet, several dancers began to break the mould and develop new styles and theories of their own. Trailblazing dancers like François DelsarteLoïe Fuller and Isadora Duncan eventually paved the way for other dancers and choreographers like Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham — the latter often regarded as the Father of Contemporary Dance. They were each inventor and reinventor but their foundation was the same: FREEDOM. A considered move away from formality for formality’s sake, and a focus on emotions, creativity, and storytelling.

At DC, we love Contemporary for the creativity and expression it demands of us. Our Contemporary dance classes also give you a terrific workout as there is a lot of up and down movement, which is an effective form of exercise and a great one for your metabolism as it works the whole body and raises your heart rate. Contemporary dance at DC also gives you a great foundation across many dance styles as it borrows from so many. You’ll also learn proper technique and as you grow along with our classes, it’s immensely rewarding to see your skill and technique perfected over time.

Best of all, Contemporary is a great dance style to start with if you’re new or late to Dance. We offer Contemporary dance classes at beginner level for adults, and our students absolutely love them. We lean toward a more lyrical artform in our Contemporary classes as opposed to our fast-paced cousins like hip hop, preferring a more abstract interpretation and fluid movement. Great music is a big part of our Contemporary classes, with lyrics and beats the guiding forces of our expression.

At DC, it’s never too late to start something beautiful.


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