DC Fit REBOOT Series

The REBOOT Series

DC Fit is warming up your cold winter months!

Are your fitness goals shrinking from the cold? We’re turning this winter into the big opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

REBOOT is a series of fortnightly outings, seminars, and workshops between June and August designed to collectively help you look after your body right so your mind can thrive.

Join DC Fit as a member now* to access this program of events, join our dance and fitness classes, and be part of a fun and like-minded local community.

*If you find this isn’t your jam after all, just ask for a full refund within 7 days of your membership purchase.

How This Program Will Rock Your Winter

When the weather’s warm and there are daylight hours to spare, you can coast along feeling alright on even a less-than-stellar daily routine.

But once the Canberra winter rolls around, that chill and darkness can really derail your motivation and negatively impact your physical and mental health. Add to that the pressure of making friends as an adult — especially in a new city — and you’ve got a recipe for a seriously long slog through the next few months. Think: early evenings with no healthy movement, fewer social plans, and an even harder time reaching your goals.

DC Fit is more than fitness classes – it’s a community of adults who are making a change and learning how to enjoy movement and care for themselves holistically. Not everybody has a health-focused support system around them, so we want to be that for you! Instead of hibernating until spring, we’re taking charge and making the most of the winter period – and you’re coming with us.

Over the next 3 months…

We’re collaborating with local Canberra businesses for a series of fortnightly events focused on social and physical wellbeing. Each outing, seminar or workshop will teach you how to implement structural change to your life in the form of fitness, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness and more. You’ll go home every time with simple, actionable advice so you can steadily progress (and not backslide!) in the colder months.

Between those sessions, we’ll be hosting casual social meetups that’ll keep you moving and connected. As a DC Fit member, you’ll also be able to join an unlimited number of our weekly dance and fitness classes where there’s something for absolutely everyone.

In short,

REBOOT will turn winter from a period you “just have to get through” to the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. You’ll improve your health, shift your mindset and mood, feel more connected and accountable, and meet a range of new people with varied interests and common goals, all wanting to make a long-term change.

In three months’ time you’ll be more:

  • Mindful and self-aware
  • Fit and strong
  • Healthy and balanced
  • Socially connected
  • Disciplined and strategic

It’ll be a jam-packed three months, so pick and choose what you love or better yet — come along to everything and have your weekend plans for winter sorted!

Here’s a look at some of the events we’ve got lined up for you.

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Slow Flow Class and Meditation Session at Flow Yoga studios

The wonderful Odona will guide you as you combine movement and breath to direct energy to specific areas of your mind and body. This technique is based on the ancient tradition of Hatha Yoga and the teachings of Krishnamacharya, Indian yoga teacher, ayurvedic healer and scholar. You’ll also learn two simple meditation techniques and be led through a deeply relaxing progressive muscle relaxation.

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Live Nutrition Seminar and Q&A with Kate from The Healthy Eating Clinic

This 45-minute Facebook live event by nutritionist Kate Freeman from The Healthy Eating Clinic will talk you through the top priorities for a healthy diet. Learn how to create better eating habits and improve your nutrition long-term. You’ll get to ask your burning questions and get experienced feedback. PLUS, you’ll receive seriously generous vouchers for body composition scans and The Healthy Eating Hub online membership.

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Well-deserved self-care Session at Jindii Eco Spa

With all those clothing layers on, it’s pretty typical to put your personal maintenance and “me-time” on ice. Leggings, after all, cover over a multitude of hair. Gotta love’em. 😉

But pampering your body isn’t only great for treating your skin in dry winter months, it’s a FABULOUS mental health break too. And Bianca from the amazing Jindii Eco Spa agrees.

We’re still locking in even more collaborations, so you can look forward to hearing about winery tours, a sleep session, journaling, and more!

Finally, to break up the more structured events and keep everyone connected, we’ll also be hosting some social meetups.

  • Watch the dramatic contemporary dance work Unveiled at Erindale theatre
  • Catch a movie at the National Film and Sound Archive
  • Walks around the lake
  • High-energy class and dinner at DC



Go grab your DC Fit membership to gain FREE access to all events in the series, as well as unlimited access to our entire schedule of dance and fitness classes here at the Dance Central studios.


Request to join the DC Fit Member Community Facebook group. That’s where we’ll be posting all the event details and also where you can keep in touch with other members and how they’re progressing towards their goals!


Keep your eye on the schedule below and book in as events become available! Limited spots are available depending on venue capacity.


We’ve started a DC Fit Group where members can check in on how you’re doing, share your wins (or arghs!) for the day, ask each other questions, and yell big whoops to cheer each other on.

Stuck on what to say? Maybe start by posting pics of your awesome recipes and sneak fitness tips. We love life hacks!