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Fundraiser For Senior Elites


Our senior Elite dancers can’t wait to show the world (yes, the world!) what Canberra dancers are made of  — and we’d love your support!

Our aim is to raise $20,000 by July to subsidise our seniors competing and performing in prestigious events this year.

Seeing our most experienced dancers reaching their potential is what motivates our younger students to work hard, push their limits and be the best they can be.

This year, our senior groups are looking ahead to some amazing opportunities.

  • Our Varsity and Mega crews, Envy and Legacy, are set to fly to Port Douglas for the inaugural Danchella Hip Hop competitionDanchella is Australia’s newest international competition with guest judges and choreographers coming over from New Zealand.
  • Varsity and Mega will also be competing in Hip Hop International. HHI is the Australian qualifier for the World Hip Hop Championships. While we can’t travel internationally, HHI will be taking our top 3 Australian crews and placing them up against the top 3 crews from over 50 countries to create a virtual World Championships.
  • Our Open troupe are participating in a brand-new Contemporary dance initiative, Unveiled, which will culminate in a vibrant full-length show in July.

Behind all that dazzle and finesse on stage, there’s a huge amount of time, energy and especially money that goes into each high-level performer. Think travel costs, costumes, accommodation, and more. These dancers are often expected to contribute significantly just to get the chance to do what they love and, in turn, inspire others.

We want to give back and offer you a way to give back too.

Here’s how you can help raise our seniors up!

Come to our fundraising fête on Sunday 2 May



Support our Senior Dancers! Donate today to defray their competition and performance costs.