A Contemporary Dance Project
by Bonnie Neate & Suzy Piani

Proudly Supported by Dance Central


Performing 7pm on 16 & 17 July only at Erindale Theatre. BOOK NOW.

Desire. Betrayal. Revenge.

This ghost-filled ballet tells the tragic, romantic story of a beautiful young peasant girl named Giselle who falls for — and is ultimately betrayed by — a dastardly deceitful nobleman by the name of Albrecht. As Giselle grapples with her heartbreak, she reflects on the events and relationships in her life that have shaped her. Can she come back from the brink of destruction or will she drown in a sea of revenge?

A deconstructed modern interpretation of the classic ballet piece Giselle, Unveiled is a collaboration between professional choreographers and dance educators Suzy Piani and Bonnie Neate, and features pre-professional advanced dancers in Canberra.

About The Project

Having worked together for a number of years, Suzy and Bonnie—lauded for their strong and sculptural contemporary routines—noted the limited training and performance opportunities for advanced dancers in Canberra.

Noting the gap between advanced studio-based training and further vocational dance training in the ACT, Suzy and Bonnie wanted to give dancers who are trained particularly in contemporary dance, acrobatics and ballet an insight into the world of pre-professional dance, and an opportunity to perform in a full-length work prior to undertaking pre-professional level training.

The Unveiled project was thus born; a 6-month project that was open not just to advanced dancers from Dance Central but to dancers Canberra-wide. The project gives not only school-age dancers the chance to perform, but also those with advanced dance training and a passion for dance who are outside the age of competitions and who might want to explore a career in dance.