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A Contemporary Dance Project
by Bonnie Neate & Suzy Piani

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Dramatically expand your dance horizons 

Bonnie Neate and Suzy Piani are creating an exciting new community contemporary dance project, open to advanced-level dancers across the ACT and surrounding regions. This is an independent initiative by Bonnie and Suzy aimed at bringing together, training, and showcasing pre-professional dancers in our region.

Titled Unveiled, this innovative dance initiative is based on the world renowned ballet, Giselle. The Project will begin in January and conclude in July 2021.

Casting will be done by auditions, held Monday 14 December at Dance Central studios in Phillip.

About The Project

During the course of this 6-month project, dancers will focus on extending their skills in contemporary dance floor work, technique and pas de deux.  The project will culminate in two performances of a one-hour theatre production of an original contemporary dance work, Unveiled.

This production is aimed at providing dancers with advanced level training the opportunity to learn and perform a full-length contemporary dance work.  Dancers will come out of the program with an industry-specific experience at a pre-professional level.

Unveiled — A Synopsis

Unveiled — A Synopsis

Our thematic dance work is based around the traditional ballet, Giselle. Through movement, the original plot will be deconstructed to reveal a more modern tale of infidelity, betrayal, depression and self-reliance.

The story begins with Giselle, a woman who has been betrayed. Giselle reflects on the events and relationships in her life that have shaped her. Can she come back from the brink of destruction or will she drown in a sea of revenge?

About The Choreographers

About The Choreographers

Bonnie Neate and Suzy Piani both have strong backgrounds in contemporary dance and performance, Bonnie in WA and Qld, and Suzy in NSW, Victoria and overseas.

Bonnie and Suzy have been choreographing together for a number of years, creating dance pieces that have been highly successful in performances and competitions. Together they create choreography that showcases a unique blend of experimentation in shape and contact improvisation, with a strong focus on pas de deux and innovative concepts.

They are known for developing and training dancers to an elite level. Bonnie and Suzy especially enjoy extending the skills of their dancers in advanced and creative floor work incorporating modern dance and acrobatic skills, and preparing dancers who seek a pathway into tertiary or vocational dance.

Bonnie Neate

Bonnie is a graduate of Queensland University of Technology (B.A. Dance, B Ed. (Secondary).  For the duration of this course Bonnie worked extensively as a contracted dancer in both the contemporary and commercial dance realms across Brisbane, Sydney and the U.S.A.

At the close of her professional dance career, Bonnie turned her attention to training young dancers in specifically in contemporary dance and acrobatics.  She has worked extensively as both a dance educator and professional choreographer in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and Canberra.  Bonnie currently lives in Canberra where she continues to train young dancers and choreograph professional dance works.

Suzy Piani

Educated at the University of New England (B.Sc, Grad.Dip.Ed) and  University of New South Wales (Grad. Dip. Dance Ed.), and further trained full time at Dance Factory in Melbourne in dance, performance and musical theatre (Cert III Dance (Musical Theatre and Performance)

Suzy went on to a professional performing career in Australia, Germany, France and Singapore, as a dancer, model, singer, actor, dance captain and choreographer in stage shows, corporate productions, TV and movies. Suzy now lives in Canberra and continues to teach dance extensively and choreograph for professional shows.

Why We're Doing This

Why We're Doing This

This project was developed for the following reasons:

  1. To bridge the gap between advanced studio-based training and further vocational dance training.
    For dancers who are trained, particularly in contemporary dance, acrobatics and ballet at an advanced level, we wanted to give them insight into the world of pre-professional dance and an opportunity to perform in a full-length contemporary dance work prior to undertaking pre-professional level training.
  2. To give school-leavers with significant experience in contemporary dance an opportunity to be involved in a more challenging dance project — especially for those who are remaining in the ACT and not choosing to explore a dance career
  3. To foster valuable partnerships and build professional networks within the dance community in the ACT.
    This project has been designed to highlight the importance of the Arts and dance across the community.
  4. To showcase the homegrown talent dance teachers and studios are producing in the ACT.
    This project is an opportunity for dance teachers and their associated studios to receive recognition for the valuable training they provide.

Studio Directors and Owners

Unveiled is an independent project directed by Bonnie Neate and Suzy Piani. This contemporary dance showcase is open to all advanced-level dance students in the ACT.

Dancers involved in this project will be expected to continue their classes and training with their current studios for the duration of the project.

This dance project is a community-based project. All studios of participating students stand a chance to benefit from free advertising and an expanded social media presence through this project.

Are your students participating in Unveiled? Dance Studio directors can contact us for more information about studio advertisements and our social media platform.

Audition Details

Audition Details

We recommend that dancers are at least 15 years of age (or turning 15 in 2021) to audition and subsequently participate in Unveiled.  However, students close to this age may be considered based on their technical ability and performance maturity.

 We invite all dancers of age with significant training and experience in contemporary dance, technique and performance across the ACT and surrounding areas to audition.

Audition Details

  • TIME: 7:00 to 8.30PM

What to Wear and Bring

Comfortable dance attire suitable for both floor and standing work; foot thongs or contemporary socks may be worn if desired.  For the safety of yourself and others please ensure hair is tied up and off the face and clothing is suitable for contemporary dance. Please bring a water bottle.

What To Expect

  1. Dancers need to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the audition to register and receive a number.
  2. Registration forms must be completed online for ALL dancers. To register, please complete the following online questionnaire
  3. Dancers will be referred to by their number and not by their name during the audition.
  4. Dancers will be taken through a warm-up, numerous contemporary dance progressions and exercises, and two longer sections of contemporary dance choreography.
  5. Dancers and parents are notified with results by email within 1 week.
  6. Dancers are expected to commence rehearsals with the January Intensive – 20-22 January 2021


 The cast of this production will be divided into 3 categories:

  • Principal Roles (plus Understudies)
  • Supporting Roles and Soloists
  • Ensemble/Corps

Dancers for each of these categories will be determined from the audition/s.

Rehearsals & Intensives

Rehearsals and Intensives

Dancers selected for the Project will be required to attend two 2-hour rehearsals each week. There will also be two choreographic/rehearsal intensives for dancers:

  • Wednesday 20 January to Friday 22 January, 2021
  • Monday 5 July to Friday 9 July, 2021 (exact times TBA as it will be determined based on choreographer and cast schedules)

Tentative Performance Dates

Tentative Performance dates:

Saturday 17 July and Sunday 18 July 2021

Financial Commitment

Financial Commitment

There will be a Project Fee that is payable upfront.

All fees must be pre-paid in full or a payment arrangement must be reached prior to commencement of the dancer’s first rehearsal.

For more information about fees and payment options, contact our office during business hours.

Terms & Conditions



As an official “Unveiled” Project cast member, you will be committing to the following:


  • Attend every rehearsal session in their program and extra rehearsals as outlined.

Class Absence:

  • In the event of injury or sickness (non-contagious) and inability to dance, they are still required to attend rehearsals to watch.
  • If a dancer is absent for an unavoidable reason, Bonnie or Suzy must be notified by email ( with as much notice as possible prior to training.
  • Serious illness/Injury/Medical Condition: Doctor’s certificate must be provided. Significant injuries and conditions (including allergies) must be explained in writing to ensure the safety of the dancer in rehearsals.
  • When a dancer is absent for an extended period due to injury, a return to the project will be planned so the dancer can re-enter slowly before commencing rehearsals and gain the physical strength and flexibility that is required.

Catching up on missed rehearsals:

  • It is the dancer’s responsibility to catch up on missed choreography before attending the next rehearsal.
  • Please be aware that if a cast member misses any rehearsals three weeks prior to the performance we cannot guarantee that they will be able to perform. Planning is the most effective strategy to work around this, so ensure that you are always communicating with Bonnie and Suzy.


Cast Members:

We expect our cast members to always have a positive and hard-working attitude. Cast members are expected to consistently process and apply corrections throughout the “Unveiled” Project. All communication with Bonnie and Suzy, and associated staff, must also be made in an appropriate and respectful manner.


As a parent (if the dancer is under 18 years), you are your child’s biggest mentor and encouraging a positive attitude and good sportsmanship are key to flourishing in the Project. Showing your respect, communication skills, trust and support to the “Unveiled” team flows on to your child and maximises their positive experience. All communication with Bonnie and Suzy, and associated staff, must also be made in an appropriate and respectful manner.

Project Team:

Bonnie and Suzy are professional, organised, focused, and motivated individuals whose goal is to make the dancers better than ever before. Bonnie and Suzy will be supportive to all students, whilst constantly challenging and inspiring them to achieve their personal best; every time they rehearse and perform, embrace their individuality, work in a team, apply leadership skills, and be self-motivated, confident and constantly proud, no matter what.

Bonnie and Suzy will always strive to provide the very best environment for the dancers. They will endeavour to maintain open communication and to deliver information to you as quickly as possible via phone and email.